10+ Creative Ideas for Cacti and Succulents

Bold and Geometric, Cacti and succulents are the sculptural plants of the natural world. They hold a stoic stillness that is calming to interiors. The color palettes are widely varied and my favorites are emerald-green, silvery grey and gemstone purple. When choosing a container every day objects are appealing and personal. A crystal bowl, an antique teacup or a brass object…the possibilities are endless!

Basic care: Succulents and Cacti are drought-tolerant desert plants, They need a considerable amount of sunlight. Make sure to place on a southern facing sunny place during the winter and you’ll have happy plump cacti and succulents! Plant in well-drained soil and if your container does not have drainage, place a layer of stones at the bottom to whisk away too much moisture. They are a great choice for people who may only water their plants sometimes (guilty as charged!)


  • Thrifted containers
  •  Small Succulent Cuttings  (Fat Plants, has excellent mixed succulent cuttings for cheap, they arrive healthy and beautiful)
  • Soil, you can buy a bag or just use whats in your garden.
  • Optional: stones, pebbles, sand, wood or beach glass for a Zen garden look
  1. Antique objects can find new life with a small flowering cactus.


2. Small glass bowls are abundant in thrift stores, throw in a few white stones and you have a light catching container that may even make rainbows on your wall.

3. Look for mismatched pieces from vintage tea sets, this pink creamer makes a delightful color contrast with the bright green cactus.

4. A silver cup or goblet will make a cozy little home for a prickly cactus.

5. Brass stays shiny and looks chic and the little feet give this planter character.

6. Brightly painted pieces of pottery with a bit of texture give great character to a room.

7. A simple coffee cup creates a minimal and clean container for this flowering cactus.

8. Brass with floral etchings like this Persian container look beautiful with the golden spikes of this cactus.( wouldn’t it be great if they could flower all year-long?)

9. Leave silver containers tarnished and the beauty of the container and the succulents can really shine together.

10. Japanese tea cups look wonderful in groups of three on a window sill.

11. Make a mini Zen garden with stones and mixed succulents. You can add a layer of sand to the top and bliss out.

Thanks to Pin the photo below and share with your Succulent and cacti loving friends!


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