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25+ Ideas to Boost Your Airbnb Curb Appeal

Airbnb curb appeal is crucial as your entryway is the first thing that your guests will see. Sprucing up the outside of your Airbnb and transforming it into a gorgeous place is totally doable.

Updated 04.18.22

With some extra time on your hosting hands and the warm spring air, plan to spend some time outdoors, upgrading your own Airbnb’s curb appeal!

I’ve put together a list of the best, cheapest and easiest Airbnb curb appeal ideas for every budget. This is the perfect time to help make your Airbnb’s curb appeal bloom for the next season of guests.

A Welcoming Entryway.

The first step in increasing your Airbnb’s curb appeal is making sure the entryway is clean, fresh, and welcoming. Along with new paint on the door, new fixtures, and updated hardware, you can add new plants and flowers to give dimension and drama to your house’s portal, or even put up a porch swing!

Airbnb curb appeal

Airbnb Curb Appeal Tricks: $20–$100 

1. Add Flowers, Plants or Shrubs.

Everyone loves fresh flowers, so be sure to plant seasonal flowers around the front of your Airbnb. Adding a few potted plants on the stairs or a row along the pathway or front of your house will make a great first impression. Depending on your region, your front entrance area may look like a barren wasteland (green it up). If you are in a warmer climate it may look like an overgrown jungle (trim that down)

Airbnb curb appeal

2. Paint your Door or Trim.

Adding a pop of color to your front door will create visual interest. Try searching on Pinterest to choose a bold and interesting color that you (and your guests) will love. For trim, with a paintbrush and some enamel paint, you can add some contrast to your entryway by painting the trim on the doors and windows.

Airbnb curb appeal

3. Add a Welcome Mat.

Let the mat do the talking for your Airbnb guests! A doormat with a funny or clever slogan is always fun to have. A fresh, new doormat will make guests feel more welcome, as well as give them an opportunity to wipe their feet on rainy or snowy days (not on your carpet) Layering a geometric black and white cotton doormat with a natural grass one is a fresh trend. If you want those guests’ shoes off after entry, try this cute sign.

Airbnb curb appeal

4. Add Modern House Numbers.

One of the cheapest ideas to boost your Airbnb curb appeal is new house numbers. Guests will be searching for your property, sometimes at night, so having visible house numbers will help them find you. Takedown any outdated numbers and go for new ones that are sleek and modern. Also, consider moving the placement of the numbers to a place more visible from the street, like on a column or beside the garage. We use these Modern numbers from Modern Dwell.

Airbnb curb appeal

5. Place Planters at the Door.

Potted plants are a great way to spruce up an entryway or porch quickly, cheaply, and easily. All you need to do is move or purchase plants that will complement your entryway. Two planters placed on either side of the front door look awesome and won’t break the bank. You can plant anything in these. If you have a wall by your door, and a warmer climate, you can add a long planter with some rocks and snake grass.

Airbnb curb appeal

6. Add Window Boxes.

Making or buying some window boxes is a quick and easy weekend project that will add some pizazz to the front of your house. Plant some colorful and flowers and greenery in these boxes and your curb appeal will bloom overnight. Nothing says adorable like window boxes overflowing with bright, happy flowers.

Airbnb curb appeal

7. Add a Seasonal Wreath.

No matter the time of year, it’s nice to give your Airbnb a more homey feel by adding a wreath on the door. To DIY a wreath, use a metal wreath form and add something fresh from your garden, like Eucalyptus, Olive branches or dried lavender. A wreath that is dried or fresh greenery over plastic is always better. Check out my round-up of the best Airbnb DIY’s for your Interior here!

Airbnb curb appeal
Photo By Lantern Lane Design

8. Replace Door Hardware.

Research the latest trends in hardware design and then replace your front door hardware to give the entryway a modern look. The fresh look of a new door handle, deadbolt, knocker will make Guests feel more welcome. Since the hardware is the focal point of most doors, cheap hardware will make even the nicest door look cheap. A great option for an Airbnb is a keyless entry system. This model from Kwikset allows one-time access codes that can be given to your guests (We use the last 4 digits of their phone number) 

Airbnb curb appeal

9. Light up the Outside.

Adding solar lighting to the outside of your home is as easy and sticking them in the ground. You can use these lights to highlight walkways and natural areas, or even a motion sensor security light to make guests feel safe. We upgraded this spring to these hard-wired landscape lights, that only took a couple of hours to install.

Airbnb curb appeal

10. Hide the AC Unit.

Go out again to the street and take a long look at the front of your home. Can you see the AC unit peaking out? Is your garden hose a jumbled mess on the ground? Take steps to hide these unsightly eyesores like planting bushes in front of the AC, painting the junction box the same color as the house and putting the hose in a hidden container.

Airbnb curb appeal

11. Upgrade your Front Porch Light.

Do you have a 70’s relic of a fixture, that is dimly lighting your entryway on a swag chain? Maybe its time to install a fresh modern light or sconce lights to help guests see their way to your door in style.

Airbnb curb appeal

12. Pressure Wash the Grime.

Grime and mold and algae build up over time and may be covering the outside of your home, deck, and pathway. So if you don’t want to paint or do a whole-house refresh, a pressure washer is a great idea. These powerful little machines will quickly remove dirt from siding and clean up driveways, walkways, patios, and decks so they look new again. You can just rent one for a couple of hours and do it yourself. It’s also very satisfyin!

Airbnb curb appeal

13. Add Landscaping Bark.

Some fresh bark in the natural areas to cover up and kill weeds along with giving the whole yard a finished feel. The ground covering will also promote healthier soil.

Airbnb curb appeal

Airbnb Curb Appeal Tricks: $100–$500 

14. Hide a Cinder Block Foundation.

If your Airbnb was built on a cinder block foundation and it’s obvious from the street, you can paint it a neutral color to reduce its impact. You can also attach veneer panels that are easily installed and look like stone, brick or river rock. This is will give an instant boost to your Airbnb curb appeal.

Airbnb curb appeal

15. Redo your Walkway.

If the main walkway up to your house is starting to crack or is rundown looking, you can easily create a new one on the cheap. Modern poured concrete or flat flagstones with gravel are a weekend project that you can do!

Airbnb curb appeal

16. Create a Seating Area on the Porch.

If your porch has space think about creating a relaxing area with chairs (or even a small dining area!) Choose a combination of seating such as lounge chairs, rockers, and a sofa, and arrange them so that they all face each other to allow easy conversation. Be sure to include enough seating to comfortably accommodate at least four people. And don’t forget lots of comfy cushions and throw pillows. 

Airbnb curb appeal

22. Add a Porch Swing.

Who doesn’t love a porch swing? Nothing says welcome and relax than a beautiful porch swing. These also look amazing in your listing photos and make your place look more relaxing.

Airbnb curb appeal

17. Add Some Shutters.

Putting up some shutters will give the front of your Airbnb some character. Consider painting them a cool, contrasting color to make them—and your Airbnb—stand out to guests.

Airbnb curb appeal

18. Tile the Porch.

A fairly simple job, you can choose from a whole array of interesting and textural tiles that will add the final, stunning touch to the entryway. Ceramic, porcelain, or stone tiles require little upkeep, feel cool to guests underfoot—and give the space a modern feel. Look for large-format tiles to match the scale of the porch.

Airbnb ideas
Photo by Bob Villa

20. Create a Side Yard Seating Area.

If you have a large enough yard, why not also carve out a little seating or garden area? You can do it on the cheap with pallet couches, chairs, a little table, or a modern patio furniture set.

Airbnb patio
Photo by Adam Robinson

Curb Appeal Ideas: $500–$1,500 

A bit more expensive, these ideas are for Airbnb’s with high listing prices or ones that need a little extra sprucing up.

21. Repair the Driveway.

If Guests roll up to your home and see a drab, cracked, and weed-filled driveway, maybe its time to repair it. Make sure to spruce up the driveway by pulling weeds, filling cracks/pot holes, and power washing the whole thing.

Airbnb curb appeal
Photo by homynesia

19. Fix and Paint the Fence.

If your fence is sagging, rotting and peeling, your curb appeal will look the same. Replace old boards that are warped or rotted and then give the whole thing a new coat of paint or stain. In this idea, some tall cedar panels are used to create a unique fence with privacy. Some unique plants in nice planters beautify the fence perfectly.

Airbnb curb appeal

23. Paint or Restain the Porch.

Airbnb fence

Your front porch can goin a lot of curb appeal by painting, resealing or staining. A fresh coat of paint will also help hide imperfections in the wood.

Airbnb Curb Appeal Tricks: $1,500–$5,000 

These are major curb appeal tricks that will increase the ‘wow’ factor and the equity in your Airbnb.

24. Paint the Exterior.

Nothing can change the way your Airbnbfeels from the street more dramatically than a fresh coat of paint! This obviously costs, but if it’s peeling or badly needed, it will protect your Airbnb and prevent rot. Remember its a tax write off on your Airbnb earnings.

Airbnb curb appeal
Photo by Southern Living

25. Replace the Front Door.

Maybe your door itself is dated, cheap or falling apart. Adding a new modern door can vastly improve the entire look of your Airbnb. Having glsss in your door will also bring in more light.

Airbnb curb appeal

26. Replace the Garage Doors.

For the budget-conscious who’d like to spruce up their garage doors, you can simply add some new hardware like faux hinges and handles. But to make the biggest impact go for a whole new door with cool architectural details that better compliment your Airbnb’s style.

Airbnb ideas

27. Replace Outdated Siding

airbnb ideas

Replacing dated vinyl siding can have a huge impact on how your Airbnb looks. Try adding cedar shingles or wood siding for a modern look.

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I hope this article gives you some great ideas for weekend projects to make your Airbnb’s curb appeal look amazing!

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