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5 Things you Forgot to Provide…That Annoy your Airbnb Guests!

You’ve made the bed perfectly, you’ve even fluffed the pillows, everything looks perfect as you hand over the keys your Airbnb… but maybe you have forgotten the most important details. Have a look through these 5 Guest ‘Must Haves’ to ensure your guests are not feeling annoyed during their stay.

#1 House Manual

Guests want to know how your place works. They don’t want to struggle with your remote to get Netflix working or fiddle with the thermostat to turn off the air. You need to provide a Guest house manual so they can troubleshoot simple issues that will come up without messaging you at 11pm. Most guests will simply feel annoyed by a lack of information. Here is Modern Guest Welcome Book that you can edit and add as many pages as you need. Add in your favorite restaurants and local things to do for a more personal experience.

#2 Basic Kitchen Utensils

Have you ever stayed in an Airbnb that didn’t have a wine opener? If guests are going to be cooking meals, make sure they have everything from utensils to proper cookware. When they pull the drawer to grab the non-existent pasta colander, trust me they will be annoyed. Having extras like olive oil, spices and salt and pepper will save a trip to the grocery store for items they will use only a few drops or pinches of.

#3 Clear Wifi Info

When a guest enters your airbnb one of the first things they do is connect to your wifi. Make their life simple by clearly having it displayed and framed on the wall. Even if I have the wifi code on the front page of my welcome book, I still would get ‘ What is the Wifi Code’ messages shortly after check-in. Here is a Wifi printable that has a cute play on words style and looks great.

#4 A Few Cleaning Supplies

If a guest is staying more than a couple nights, they probably will want to freshen up the bathroom or kitchen counters. Make sure you have a few essentials under the sink and a spray air freshener in the bathroom will be appreciated.

#5 Check-out Information

Do guests ever message you asking about check-out time or check out procedure? Maybe it’s not clear enough. Each Airbnb is unique as some hosts asked their guests to strip down the beds, while others prefer to do everything themselves. If it’s not clear to guests what you expect it can cause them a little stress and annoyance at check-out to over tidy. Try this great customizable Check-out Checklist Printable, that you can edit with your own check-out rules.

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