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6 Creative Ways to Collaborate with Local Businesses at Your Airbnb

Showcasing the work of local artists, creators, makers, etc. Not only is it a sustainable way of hosting, but it adds so much life to your Airbnb!

As a Host, you are the primary link to guests visiting your community. You can help local small businesses thrive by introducing guests to your favorite places! You can play an important role in supporting small businesses through the amenities, services, and activities you choose to recommend to guests!!

With the past year taking a toll on many local businesses over the past year, there’s no better time to support the vibrant and diverse local makers, coffee shops, and restaurants in your area. And your guests are craving genuine connections!

‍How You Can Support Local

As a Host, you can help to support your local makers, by recommending your favorite local places to guests.  Your favorite cafes, restaurants, and local shops would be grateful to have your guests stop in!

The more you recommend local business the better you can thrive together. The revenue your guests bring to the local economy will benefit everyone.

So, why not ask those businesses to collaborate with your Airbnb with some promo cards? You’ll have happier guests who receive a little bonus and you’ll encourage them to shop, explore and buy locally! Let’s look at some ideas for collaborations and how to approach businesses to create them!

1. A Buy One, Get One Free Card for Guests

This could be for a coffee at your favorite cafe, a cupcake from a local bakery. Whenever we travel, we love finding the best local coffee shop and heading there daily. Offering a buy one, get one free card is a win-win for your guests and the local shops!

How to do it: Chat with the business owners and print up a few cards and leave one for your new guests at check-in!

2. Offer Locally Roasted Coffee

Ask a local coffee roaster if you can feature their ‘signature brew’ at your vacation rental. In In exchange for a discount on the bags of beans, you will leave your guests a card that lets them know where to find it!

photo by @theunitsalex

3. Provide Local Toiletries

We stayed at an Airbnb in Tofino that had locally made shampoo, body wash, and conditioner. It was heavenly! A year later, it’s the only shampoo my husband will use. Trying it made all the difference.

You know those amazing smelling organic products you find in farmers’ markets or small boutiques? Why not contact the local maker and ask if they would like to partner with you? They could offer their products to you in bulk (at a discount) either in bottles or you could simply refill into larger pump bottles, like these.

Not only will you have beautiful local toiletries to offer your guests, but once they fall in love with the products (and have a discount) they will be happy take some home. You can leave a card for guests that lets them know where they can buy them in town:

Shop Local! All of our toiletries are by Tiny Spa! If you love them as much as we do, you can shop local and find them at The Tiny Spa Shop on 345 Main st or at the Saturday market!

4. Create a “Local Deal” for your Guests

Our favorite local pizzeria is not to miss. I recommend it in my Guest Welcome Book and I send guests regularly there. We asked the pizzeria if they would do a dinner deal for just our guests. They said yes!

By showing our Airbnb Promo card, guests can get two pizzas and two beers for $30. Our guests LOVE this, they feel like they have a local getting them a deal, and that’s exactly what it is! The pizzeria thrives because they are getting more customers. You can also use this deal card from time to time yourself, hint hint 🙂

Idea: You could also do a card with one free dessert with dinner for guests!

5. Offer an Amenity Add-On Message to Guests

These days, bookings aren’t the only way to make money at your vacation rental. Guests want convenience and all the comforts during their stay, and they are willing to pay you extra for it. Think about giving guests the option to be welcomed by locally made Charcuterie platters, flowers, cakes, and wine!

You can do this by messaging guests what you offer, directly in your Airbnb Messages after they book.

An easy way to achieve this is to send a graphic with a few options they can order… to be waiting when they arrive! This really WORKS then you can just request the extra right money through Airbnb or Venmo.

‍This is a small but powerful way to make your vacation rental feel personalized and show love to the makers in your community!

Tip: You can add a small commission for yourself and upsell a little to cover your time.

Here’s an example of how you can just drop this graphic right into your messages with a your guests after they book!

Just say something like ” Hey Hanna! We offer add-on amenities from a few local businesses that we LOVE. Celebrating a birthday? Need a Churiccure board to snack on? Fresh seasonal blooms? If you would like to order anything on this menu, we will pick it up and have it waiting for your arrival! We love supporting our community. Just let us know at least 48 hours in advance and we will order and request the amount from you via Airbnb. Its easy!

6. Share on Instagram

Using your social media platform to showcase local and sustainable makers doesn’t just help other brands, it also elevates yours.  By posting about locally sourced items in your vacation rental—from organic soap to hand-made ceramics—you can engage your guests and inspire them to support businesses in your area when they visit.

‍I hope you love these ideas! For hosts, there are real branding benefits to collaborating with local makers. When guests walk into your vacation rental and discover a curated experience that highlights the makers of your local area- they will not forget this in the reviews!

7. Collaborate Locally

I’ve designed in Canva a Template Package for creating the cards and add-on Template in this article. If you like this style and want to save some time, you can find my ” Airbnb Promo” bundle in my Etsy Shop! Simply edit and make them yours!

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