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7 Airbnb Listing Description Tips to Get Guests Booking!

Writing a great Airbnb listing description is one of the best ways to improve bookings and set expectations. Here’s my guide on how to get guests excited about booking your space!

You want to craft a story while staying honest to let guests know exactly what they’ll find when they arrive.I’ve worked with hundreds of hosts as an Airbnb Ambassador and I’d love to help make yours a one-of-a-kind destination! If you are about to list your space click here and I can mentor you right on the Airbnb platform for free.

If you already have listed and want your listing to be written and curated by me personally a designer and Superhost? I do offer Airbnb Listing Optimizations and you can find more info here

Here are my top 7 secrets to writing an engaging and vivid Airbnb Listing description that will get guests clicking to see more about your space!

#1 know what YOU want

There are many aspects to consider when planning your first Airbnb. It’s a great idea to follow a plan to make sure everything is right from the start. The main questions you’ll need to think about, before writing your listing, are the following:

  • How much time do you want to spend hosting? Just certain months, seasons, or weekends?
  • Who will be your ‘target guests’ and the best fit for your Airbnb? Couples, families, or professionals?
  • How will you welcome guests? Self-check-in or greet each guest personally?
  • How will you write an attractive listing description for guests?
  • How will your Airbnb stand out over the competition? Views, location, amenities…

#2 Craft a catchy title

The title of your listing is the first thing guests read and, along with your cover photo, gets them to explore your listing page. Shorter titles work best on smartphones and tablets, which are used in 75% of all searches on Airbnb. It’s best to craft titles that call attention to your Airbnb’s best assets. Your Airbnb Listing Description needs a title that converts.

Here are a some examples of great titles:

  • Forest cabin with hot tub
  • Lakefront chalet near slopes
  • Beachside condo with paddle boards

Remember, you have 32 characters, including spaces, to get guests interested in learning more about your property. Avoid using symbols and emojis, they actually aren’t favored by the algorithm

#3 Focus on special features

There are millions of places to stay on Airbnb. To convey what’s extra special about yours, take a few minutes to think about your location and amenities that really can help to set it apart.

Depending on your location, you might write: 

  • “We’re a 5-minute walk from the WSU football stadium.”
  • “The area’s legendary hiking trails are only a ten-minute drive away.”

For inspiration, try reading listing descriptions written by Superhosts in your area, and check out their reviews. You’ll be able to learn what types of info and amenities guests really appreciated in their listing.

#4 Tell the story of your space

Your description is where you market your space, and storytelling is a key part of effective marketing. You don’t have to be a great writer to create an appealing description, but you do have to use clear, compelling language.

The story you tell can be about the experience you’re offering guests and makes for a strong Airbnb listing description. Have an apartment that has a city view? “You’ll feel like you’re perched above the city!” A modest room in a central location can be “a perfect base for exploring the area”

Airbnb Listing Description
Photo by NC Glasshouse

#5 Be Honest about Quirks

In your listing, make sure you include descriptions of your property’s quirks. Explain them in a way that’s clear and honest, without being an instant turnoff. Overselling or exaggerating your space will lead to disappointment and negative reviews. Being realistic helps guests decide whether your space meets their needs before making a reservation.

“You may occasionally hear the pitter-patter of tiny feet above, as we live above the Airbnb suite ” (versus “family with toddler above you, the occasional tantrum will be heard.” )

See how I made that kind of cute and endering? Aww, just some baby feet! We can all deal with that right!?

Basically, you want to provide enough transparency to help your guests select the property they want. It’s especially important to reveal aspects of your property that could pose a challenge for some guests, including those with small children, pets, or limited mobility. Put all of your Airbnb’s quirks in the ‘Other Things to Note’ section.

#5 Have a friendly host profile

As an Airbnb Ambassador, one of the best pieces of advice I can give you is not to overlook your host bio. Many guests will click over to see who the host is before deciding to book or not. If it is blank, they can’t connect with anything about you. Make sure to have a friendly, smiling photo of yourself that feels like ‘welcome’. You don’t want to use a faraway image, a blurry image, or an image of your cat here either. Say a few words about yourself, no need to get too personal, just focus on hospitality and making your guests feel welcome to book your space.

Hi, I am your host, Siena a content creator in L.A. I am so happy to share our beautiful chalet in Lake Arrowhead with travelers, offering our guests a stylish, relaxing, and comforting stay!

Pro Tio: Remember that the Airbnb algorithm tracks the time you take to answer guests’ inquiries, make sure to have the Airbnb app on your phone with push notifications set to on, this way you’ll never miss a message.

Airbnb Listing Description
Bio from the Hosts of Starship Landing

#6 Make the most of photo captions

Your photos factor heavily into a guest’s decision about whether to book your space, and captions provide an opportunity to connect visuals to the experiences guests will have. If you find yourself stumped on how to caption a photo, think about putting a snippet from a guest’s 5-star review.

If you’re showing a bedroom, tell your guests what size the bed is and mention the type of mattress if it’s a notable one”Comfortable queen-size bed with a Tuft and Needle mattress and high-thread count linens” Have a photo of a cozy breakfast nook? You could mention that it’s “an ideal place to have your morning coffee while watching the sunrise.”

Pro Tip: If you have taken your own iPhone listing photos, think about getting professional photos done. If that is not possible, simply upping the brightness of photos that are on the dimmer side will really help to make your space fresh and inviting. I offer a photo editing service with my own filters that are perfect for Airbnb here

#7 Grab my free Airbnb Listing Workbook!

Starting an Airbnb is such an exciting time. To help you brainstorm and solidify your ideas for your Airbnb. I’ve created for you a Free Airbnb Listing Printable workbook! It covers all of the important questions above, and more!

The Workbook is also useful if you have an Airbnb that isn’t performing and probably just needs a listing refresh to attract guests! You can download my Free Airbnb Listing Workbook Here!

All hosts make mistakes in the beginning and you improve each time and with every guest. With my guide, you will avoid the biggest listing mistakes and pitfalls with this invaluable, simple and free workbook & you’ll have a ton of Airbnb listing description ideas! 

Airbnb Listing Description

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