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7 Airbnb Signs That All Hosts should Hang

Airbnb Signs. How can you communicate with guests as they move from room to room and what are the most important ones to have? Read on to find out!

Airbnb Signs 101. Having signage in your Airbnb allows guests to relax and know how to use your space. You can easily guide guests through your house with a set of signs that cohesively work together (and give a nice branded feel!) Take your vacation rental to a 5-Star level & give important information to guests that will keep your rental safe & clean, and organized.

As a Superhost, I’ve seen it all and these are the most important signs to have to keep your property safe, clean, and protected for every new guest that checks in.

Airbnb Sign #1: Be Our Guest

This Wifi sign is both welcoming and functional. It lets guests connect easily and get their vacation started ( and they won’t need to message you asking for the code)

Airbnb Signs

Airbnb Sign #2: Adventure Awaits

Share fun ‘things to do’ in your area & impress your guests! You are the local who knows the best spots in your town. So, why not make their vacation amazing and direct guests to your favorite cafes, sights, hikes and more!

Airbnb Sign #3: Make Up Sign

Your towels are nice and fluffy. Let’s keep them that way. Remind guests how to remove their make-up & avoid stains that are hard to get out!

Airbnb Signs

Airbnb Sign #4: Check-Out Sign

Don’t leave the guesswork up to guests. Let guests know what they should do at checkout, you can edit the sign to include all of the things that will make your turnover a little easier!

Airbnb Signs

Airbnb Sign #5: Kitchen Sign

Let guests know how to take care of your kitchen & avoid damages. It’s easy for guests to go on autopilot when cooking and leave a hot pot on the counter or slice cheese without a cutting board. It’s a great idea to help guide them on HOW they should use the kitchen with a few guidelines to enjoy the kitchen (and not destroy it)

Airbnb Signs

Airbnb Sign #6: No Smoking Sign

Remind guests to not smoke or vape on your property. The vaping part is especially important to say as it’s not considered ‘smoking’ by many.

Airbnb Signs

Airbnb Sign #7: Instagram Sign

Guests take amazing photos during their stay. This is the best advertisement you could ever ask for: Real live guests enjoying themselves at your property! Don’t miss the opportunity to share your property’s Instagram account and hashtag… and start collecting these images to use on your own Instagram feed!

Airbnb Sign #8: Bathroom Sign

Remind guests to only flush toilet paper & avoid throwing in other things that can create expensive clogs that require a plumber (not ideal to find during a tight turnover)

Use an Airbnb Sign Template

If you like my signs and want to simply edit and print, I’ve designed a set of modern Airbnb signs for hosts! They are available in my Etsy shop here!


8 Clean + Modern Printables – 100% Customizable with your own info.
You get 5 sizes! 4×6 | 5×7 | 8×10 | 11×14 | 18×24

  • Adventure Awaits: Share fun ‘things to do’ in your area & impress guests
  • Check-Out Sign: Let guests know what they should do at checkout. 
  • Be our Guest: This Wifi sign lets guests connect easily. 
  • Kitchen Sign: Let guests know how to take care of your kitchen & avoid damages.
  • Bathroom Sign: Remind guests to only flush toilet paper & avoid clogs
  • Make-Up Sign: Remind guests how to remove make-up & avoid stains.
  • No Smoking Sign: Remind guests to not smoke or vape on your property
  • Instagram Sign: Remind guests to tag you in their photos: The best advertisement! 

Each PDF is in high-resolution (300 dpi) to ensure the highest quality print. 

W H E R E ⋆ TO ⋆ P R I N T?

Home Printer • Walmart • FedEx • Kinkos • Staples • Office Max • Any Local Print Shop

Happy creating and making your Airbnb a little more special this season!!

Airbnb signs

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