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7 Surprising Things That Your Airbnb Guests (Really) Hate

Airbnb Guests have a wide range of expectations and every host wants to impress their Airbnb guests. If you’re already a host you probably have a high standard of comfort which includes clean linens, wifi, heat, and cooling. Those amenities will definitely be important to guests. But if you are going for those extra brownie points with guests, you will want to avoid annoying or worse, grossing guests out.  Read on to find out what I have learned over the years of what my guests didn’t like discovering in my Airbnb.

#1 Annoying Night-Time Sounds.

If you have a mini-fridge in your Airbnb, invest in a high-quality fridge and scan the reviews about motor noise. This is so overlooked and really disturbs your guests’ sleep. Make sure to spend a night sleeping in your own Airbnb to find out if there are any other annoying sounds such as banging heat vents or road noise, and provide earplugs on the nightstand if so for your Airbnb guests.

#2 Stray Hairs.

If there’s any trace left from past guests, your current guests will not appreciate it. Mattress and pillowcase covers absorb guest smells overtime like perfume and hairspray and should be stripped off and washed when needed. As a general rule, I usually wash them a few times per season. Make sure to wash on in cold water and hang them up to dry if possible.

Tip: Random hairs can stick to the static of the mattress cover or towels and are pretty freaky to find if your guest decides to strip off the sheets. Always check towels sheets for any stray hairs or hairballs.

#3 Stinky Drains.

Drains with standing water in them with start to smell and give off a musty smell. If your planning on leaving your Airbnb space for more than a couple weeks empty pour 1/2 cup of white vinegar into each sink drain and toilet and it will keep the musty scent from taking over.

Pro Tip: if you have a garburator run a few ice cubes and lemon peels through to help remove stuck-on gunk. Then pour 1/2 cup of white vinegar down as usual.

#4 Musty Smells.

We travel quite a bit during our slow season and sometimes we close the Airbnb for a month. I found whenever I returned there is something smelly lurking. It was a general basement ‘closed air smell’ that I was determined to seek out and eradicate. It was the curtains! Curtains are fabric so they can absorb smells over time and give off a damp and stale smell. This can actually be the culprit when you smell something faint but can’t place it. I washed them on the gentle cycle with cold water. Once they were hanging to dry I gave them a good spray with Fabreese unscented fabric spray. Give your curtains a sniff and see if they are giving off a whiff to Airbnb guests.

#5 Stained Toilet Seat.

Toilets, of course, should be cleaned when your guests check out. Sometimes if it sits dirty for too long the underside can get annoying stains that do not come off easily. Don’t leave these partial faint stains. You can wipe a little pure bleach ( or Clorox bleach toilet bowl cleaner) on a paper towel and let it sit for a couple of minutes then clean as you normally do. If all else fails to invest in a new toilet seat, it is worth it, guests will cringe otherwise.

#6 Dirty Carpets.

Little spills and dirt from shoes can build up and stain your carpets. Make sure to ask guests to remove shoes to keep wear and tear to a minimum. Rent a carpet cleaner and give it a good clean once or twice a year.  Tip: To pull deep smells from the carpet. sprinkle some baking soda over your carpets and let sit overnight. Vacuum in the morning and they will be fresh and order free.

#7 Gunk at Bottom of the Garbage Cans.

This is something to really pay attention to her, cleaning staff might just change the bag and be done with it but if there’s any sort of spill,  it’s going to stink within a day or so.

Tip: Place a paper towel at the bottom of the garbage can so that you can tell right away if there was a leak. Wash the garbage can out with a little hot water and dish soap and your Airbnb guests will be happy.

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    August 30, 2019 at 2:51 AM

    Hi Andrea,
    Thanks for the great tips, especially the ice and lemon, I am going to give that a try!
    Regards Lucienne


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