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7 Tips to Make your Airbnb Cozy for the Holidays

When decorating your Airbnb for the holidays keep it simple and add in a few cozy elements. Here are a few tips to make your Airbnb cozy and warm feeling for the holidays (with items you can use year-round!)

1. Cozy Throw Blanket

Instantly add a soft and textured element to your Airbnb with a cozy throw blanket. If your place is anything like ours it gets a bit chilly during the winter months. A cozy throw blanket says to your guests ‘snuggle up and stay awhile’

Tip: Make sure to get one that will wash up easily between guests & always wash cold and hang to dry.

2. Big Mugs

Nothing says warm and cozy like a big mug of hot tea during the holidays. If you can pick up something from your local farmer’s market this adds a nice personal touch. Place a few holiday flavored teas like Apple Cinnamon into the tea mix.

3. LED Candles

All the romance of candlelight without the fire. I always provide these to detour guests from lighting candles which is not permitted. Flameless candles that are dipped in real wax give a soft holiday light that will make your Airbnb cozy!

4. Handwritten Card

Leave your guests a personalized card that thanks them for choosing your Airbnb and welcomes them. A local bottle of wine, or some chocolate next to the card is always a nice touch. 

5. Stylish Throw Pillows.

For a cozy and welcoming vibe, a few throw pillows will do the trick. Place these great pillows together on the bed to make your  your Airbnb Cozy.

6. A Welcome Basket.

Whip up a thoughtful basket for under $5 a booking. Guests love to find something special waiting for them. This will make an incredible impression and you’ll have the rave reviews to prove that!

7. A Detailed Welcome Book

Guests appreciate having all the information about your Airbnb clearly outlined in a Welcome Book. There is no guesswork and they can relax with everything at their fingertips. Be sure to include your favorite places to dine and fun day trip ideas!

Here is a ready-made template that will save you hours of design and layout. You simply fill it in with your Airbnb’s information and print it!



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