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8 Essential Tips for Hosting After Lockdown

As the lockdowns ease around the world, Many hosts are opening their homes again to guests. Navigating this new era, but temporary eara requires a bit more flexibility as travelers begin to book vacations again. Your focus should be attracting guests who are willing to travel and cater to their needs (oh and sanitize everything)

Airbnb recently said that their surveys show that travelers’ top concern is ‘cleanliness’. Keeping your vacation rental clean and disinfected is essential to everyone’s health. It will not only help prevent the virus from spreading but also encourage guests to book with you.

By following these steps, and staying creative you can make hosting after lockdown both safe and profitable!

1. Promote as Clean and Sanitized

Promote your rental as deep cleaned, and disinfected. Include this in your listing description. Mention that you’ve enhanced your cleaning to follow the Airbnb cleaning protocol and provide alcohol-based hand sanitizers and Clorox wipes for your guests.

In May, Airbnb launched a new Cleaning Protocol, with enhanced procedures and guidance on how you need to clean every room in a home. Use these guidelines and let guests know you follow them. Familiarize your cleaners with the protocol and walk them through the new cleaning routine they need to implement every time.

2. Market to Domestic Travelers

Many predict a shift towards travelers who book stays that are a car ride away, as many travelers are still afraid to fly. Therefore, smaller towns, rural locations, and places closer to ‘home’ will naturally thrive during this post-lockdown period. To get guests booking, highlight everything that domestic guests will need for an amazing staycation.

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Printable is available here.

3. Highlight Unique Amenities

Think of the amenities that can improve your guests’ comfort while staying at your Airbnb. For example, If you have an outdoor area, promote it as a perfect place to stay connected with nature. If you don’t have an outdoor space play up the ‘nature’ near your Airbnb.

Most guests will want to be able to get outdoors to walk or hike, if there are any natural areas or parks nearby, or within a short driving distance let guests know in your listing.

Create a comfortable work area to encourage those who are looking for a stay that helps them work remotely. Remember, many guests will still be working remotely while taking a vacation. This can be as simple as adding a modern desk and comfy chair with a nice potted plant.

4. Lower Minimum Night Stay

Many guests are likely to start traveling again by taking a weekend trip to relax, away from the usual scenery of home. In saying that, if you are hosting after lockdown, consider lowering your minimum night stay to encourage more guests to choose your rental for a weekend getaway.

5. Become Family-Friendly

Check off those child-friendly amenities on your listing and childproof your rental. Offer essentials that every parent won’t need to pack, like a pack and play and highchair. Create a safe corner for kids to play, offer a list of activities in your welcome book for family outings, and provide a few toys and books that can be disinfected. By offering some entertainment options for children, like fun indoor/outdoor games you will help encourage parents to choose your rental.

6. Switch to the Flexible Cancelation Policy

If you have a strict cancelation policy, switch to the flexible one – you can always switch it back when things normalize again. Because, staying flexible is key during this period. Guests don’t want to feel locked into something in uncertain times.

7. Reach Out to Past Guests 

Get in touch with your past guests via the Airbnb app or email. Offer them a discount on your place if they book a stay in the next 6 months. If you haven’t already, start using Instagram to promote your special offers and discounts and encourage those past guests to return to your Airbnb (5-star ones of course)

Hosting after lockdown

8. Add In-Home Entertainment

Many people will generally still be social distancing, so they will appreciate watching a movie or playing a game. Therefore, make sure you have some entertainment options for guests like Netflix, They’ve been bingeing on shows for months, don’t make them miss an episode.

I hope these tips have you confident about hosting after lockdown and help you to attract new guests! Happy and safe hosting in this new (but, temporary) era.

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