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9 New Year Resolutions for Airbnb Hosts

New Year resolutions for your Airbnb will help you to set goals and maximize your earnings. Start by looking back at the past year. What are the things that you did well and what could be improved? Learn from your mistakes and research trends that have developed throughout the year.

New years resolutions for Airbnb hosts

1. Set your Price Calendar for the Entire Year

The start of the year is the best time to review all events and holidays that will impact demand and pricing in your area.

Before setting your prices, research the prices of other similar listings near you. You should also check what Airbnb suggests by highlighting each date and clicking ‘View Price Tips’ you may find prices are higher than you anticipated.

Plan now to avoid missing out on valuable income on your Vacation Rental.

Now scroll through and see what the recommendations are for your nightly prices. Even if you increase your price for 100 nights over the course of a year by just $20, that is an extra $2000 to your account at the end of the year. Small changes = higher revenue.

2.  Set Goals for the New Year

The main reason to have an Airbnb is to make extra income. By setting goals for your Airbnb you’ll be more likely to achieve them. Exciting Goals to aim for are:

Increase your occupancy by 20%

Grow overall income by 10%

Achieve Superhost status by the next quarter

Use your Airbnb income to pay for a trip to a place you’ve always dreamed of visiting!

3. Do a Deep Clean

Every space will need some freshening up after a year of guests. Often we simply turn over properties quickly for the next guest. Consider a deep cleaning by a professional cleaner or spend a good 3 hours cleaning everything from baseboards to the inside of closets. This is also a great way of finding minor repair jobs you need to tackle. A coat of fresh paint to cover up any marks and a deep carpet cleaning can do wonders.

Tip: Always use a checklist when cleaning so it becomes automatic and nothing is missed. You can find a checklist in this guide.

4. Update Your Personal Profile

In the beginning, you may have been quick to get your property listed and skipped over some parts of your profile. Make sure to review and properly complete your profile so guests feel safe choosing your property.

• Have a clear profile photo where you are smiling and look friendly.

• Ensure you have uploaded your government ID, such as a passport or driver’s license. People feel safer knowing this is on file.

• Fill out all required fields to give people a clear idea of who you are and why they should stay with you. A few lines about your interests and favorite books can go a long way. Remember, it’s all about trust and that will increase your bookings.

5. Click that Camera

Unless an official Airbnb photographer or a professional photographer took your property shots, it’s time to consider a reshoot. By reshooting it will give your listing an immediate fresh look and it will also inspire you to make your property look its best. Use a free and simple editing app like Snapseed to brighten photos and always take them horizontally.

 6. Be your own Guest

Spend a night in your property and experience it as a guest. You could also have a friend to spend a night who can give you honest feedback on any issues you can improve on. Annoying issues like low water pressure or a banging heat vent can be easily fixed. You can always improve your Airbnb so make the effort to stay in your own place.

7. Join the Community of Other Hosts

Join Facebook groups for Airbnb hosts in your area. Check regularly the Airbnb blog for new tips and trends in hosting. They have a great forum where you can learn tons and other hosts can help with issues that may arise. Always keep learning to provide the best experience for your Guests.

Tip: Make sure to join a ‘wish listing’ Facebook group to skyrocket your property’s visibility in searches.

8. Refer your Friends!

Take a few minutes to refer any friends that you think would make excellent hosts. If they decide to click your link and sign up (and host guests within 6 months) you’ll receive a $240 bonus. You can keep doing this up until $5000! Definitely, it’s worth doing the referrals!

9. Update your Guest Welcome Book

A comprehensive Guest welcome book is one of the most important amenities that you can offer. Here is an easy to edit + Modern Welcome Book Template that will bring your Airbnb up to a professional and polished level. You can always edit it anytime and add a new favorite restaurant or activity in your area that you’ve discovered during the year.


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  • Lucienne
    January 12, 2019 at 4:35 AM

    Dear Andrea,
    I see the new year has also just brought you some inspiration for your Airbnb rental. I have just had a photographer in to take some fresh shots of my listing, it certainly helped to open my eyes to improvements. Thank you for the tips you have shared, I will certainly use some of your ideas.


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