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9 Tips to Skyrocket your Airbnb Ranking


Are you Looking for Ways to Get your Listing at the Top of the Airbnb Search?

Have you searched your own listing and find it’s far from the top? Successfully catering to the algorithm will mean the difference between a top-ranked listing that is clicked by thousands of travelers or a rental that remains buried at the bottom of the list. In this article, you can learn more about Airbnb’s algorithm and boost your listing to the top of the search!

Think about when you use Google to search a topic,  do you choose something on the first page, or do you sift through 20 pages? It’s the same when a Guest is looking for a place. When a Guest begins searching for a place and they find your property in the top few listings, they’ll book it instantly without checking the hundreds of other places available on Airbnb.

The more your listing ranks at the top of Airbnb, the more chances you have to book your place, which affects how much money you will earn overtime.

How do you rank at the top of Airbnb search? It’s simple. Do the things that their algorithm is looking for. As the author of The Ultimate Superhost Guide let me show you the most important actions you need to take!

Airbnb Search Tip #1 – Always be Responsive (and quick)

Airbnb is a business and they make money when you make money so they want you to reply to all of your booking inquiries as quickly as you can.

Hosts who reply within an hour have a high chance at getting their listings displayed at the top of the research page because they are simply great hosts and Airbnb rewards this. Nothing is more frustrating to a guest than to contact a host about a stay and to get a reply hours or days later. It simply wastes their time.  When you finally do reply they probably have moved on to another listing.

To be more responsive, you should definitely install the Airbnb app on your phone as it will allow you to reply to guest requests instantly from anywhere on the planet. You’ll get a pop-up like any text message and you can reply immediately. To make life easier you can create saved responses ready to use over and over within this app. Common responses like A booking welcome, directions, check-In instructions, and even a reminder to write a review.

Responding quickly to reservation requests in a friendly way will show guests that you are a welcoming host and they are more likely to book. Also, note that having Instant Booking turned on will attract last-minute reservations and improve your response time. With so many options for guests to choose from you need to let people Instant Book.

Airbnb Search Tip #2 – View your Calendar Daily

Successful hosts visit their calendar page every day and Airbnb’s algorithm takes note of this. A quick daily visit to your calendar page will help improve your ranking. Having an up-to-date calendar is a must to run a successful listing and the algorithm rewards the hosts doing this.

Tip: Have your Calendar Page set as your default page on your browser. Airbnb will respond by ranking your listing higher!

Airbnb Search Tip #3 – Get Verified and Build Trust

Airbnb wants to build a trustworthy community, so if you are a new Host, make sure to add your phone number & to get your ID-verified.  If your listing is missing this information, they won’t rank you very high in the search.

To do so, go in your Airbnb account under the “Profile” menu and “Trust and Verification” sub-menu. Then complete all steps you need to do to get verified.

You should first confirm your email and phone number. Then you should also connect your profile to as many social media networks as you can, which will let Airbnb know that you are a trustworthy person.

Also, if you are new to Airbnb and don’t have any reviews yet, ask friends to recommend you as a host under the “Profile” and then References” sub-menu. You can ask for references from your personal network, and the references will appear publicly on your Airbnb profile to help other members get to know you.

All of this will help boost your ranking and it will make your listing more attractive to your first potential Guests. Airbnb will see that you are more trustworthy and rank your listing higher.

Airbnb Search Tip #4 – Collect Multiple 5 Star Reviews

Airbnb wants you to deliver great experiences to your Guests. They want guests to be satisfied and to re-book again and again through their site. They will definitely rank your listing higher you collect a lot of positive feedback and get 5-star reviews from Guests! The more you receive the more Airbnb will showcase your listing. Once again, the more money you make, the more money they make.

It just makes sense right? If they know that Guests love booking with you so they will rank you at the top of the list and showcase your listing to the world.

Airbnb Search Tip #5– Get Added to as Many Wish Lists as Possible.

Potential Guests can “like” your listing and add it to their Wish List. The more your listing gets added to Guests Wish Lists, the more Airbnb will know that your listing has the potential to be booked and the more they will show it to the top. This really works!

Tip: Look for Facebook groups where members work together to Wishlist each other’s listings!

You can always ask your own friends and guests who have booked with you to add your listing to their Wishlist, which will help boost your ranking on Airbnb!

Airbnb Search Tip #6 – Make Sure your Listing is Complete 

To help your Airbnb ranking, you need to make your listing complete in every section of your listing. A complete listing will help Guests know what to expect from your space. If your missing sections your listing will be missing pieces of a puzzle.

Guests who are booking on Airbnb are in search of quality, accurate listings managed by responsive Hosts who will offer them amazing trip experiences.

Make sure you describe your space well and that your title and description are attractive and detailed. Clearly explain what makes your space unique, including any extra amenities you offer, proximity to attractions, etc. Quality photos are a must, In my Superhost Guide I teach you everything you need to know to take and edit your own photos.

Tip: If you have any expectations from your guests, make sure to lay them out in the House Rules of your listing. This way there will be no surprises for guests to catch them off guard. 

Airbnb Search Tip #7 – Remove ‘Blocks’ from your listing

Having instant book on if a guest meets your criteria will keep you near the top of the search. If your listing has too many ‘blocks’ and rules before a guest can book, Airbnb will see your listing as too complicated for guests. Every additional barrier to booking lowers your potential booking rate.  These ‘blocks’ are minimum night requirements, high cleaning fees, high-security deposits, and a strict refund policy. The higher or more strict you set them, the higher the barrier to booking.  You’ll need to think about each requirement you set and make sure you’re asking for the minimum amount to protect yourself. Make sure you are not overdoing it such that it impacts booking and your ranking.

Tip: Listings priced lower will get more bookings. No need to lowball your listing just have a clear idea of whether your listing is on the economy side or more luxury in your market, then price in the middle or slightly below the middle of that range and see if this increases bookings.

Airbnb Search Tip #8– Have a Guest Welcome Book in your Rental

A Guest Welcome Book is essential for setting the tone for an awesome stay with you. When guests know what to expect (and how to work the T.v ) they are more likely to be at ease and relax in your place. You can mention any quirks your place may have (French doors lock only when the handle is up) add-in tips about local restaurants and attractions and let them know the check-out time and process. If a guest can’t turn on the T.v or can’t find the Wifi code, they may become annoyed and it will show up in the reviews. Set out a clear and concise Welcome book and your guests will be less likely to message you with the same questions.

Airbnb Search Tip #9 – The Ultimate Superhost Bundle

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  • Deanna
    September 29, 2018 at 11:54 AM

    Thank you for these helpful tips!

  • vidya M
    October 9, 2018 at 4:36 AM

    Thanks for such an informative post. Learned something new today 🙂

  • Julia Randall
    October 9, 2018 at 7:01 AM

    Very helpful article for Airbnb owners! I imagine it takes time to build up ratings.

  • Jessica Lieb (@bkeepsushonest)
    October 9, 2018 at 8:27 AM

    These tips are great. My parents are considering an airbnb I will pass this information along to them.

  • Lisa
    October 10, 2018 at 9:26 PM

    I’ve never used air bnb, but these seem like excellent tips. As a travellor, these things would make me more likely to choose a place to stay

  • Lucienne
    February 9, 2019 at 2:39 AM

    Hi Andrea,
    Thanks for the tips, it is always great to check my check list against someone else’s to make sure I am getting my listing to the top too!
    Love reading your posts.


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