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Airbnb Kitchen | 9 Ways to Prevent Guest Damages

The kitchen is the heart of your Airbnb, a place for guests to gather, cook and connect after a day of exploring. In saying that, most guests are very respectful, but accidents can happen. Allowing guests into your kitchen without a ‘little’ direction on how to protect it, can be a bit risky. Use the following tips to ensure your kitchen is protected, and that guests are enjoying it safely.

How to Avoid Guest Damages

Airbnb kitchen counters are especially are at risk. Because, If you have laminate it can melt and wood can be scorched. Guests who have granite counters at home could accidentally place a hot pan on the counter without thinking.

  • Providing multiple cutting boards, trivets hot pads and coasters around your kitchen make it easier for guests to find.
  • A large wood butcher block on the counter is a great visual reminder for guests to ‘cut things here’.
  • Adding a sink strainer will help prevent clogged drains and expensive calls to a plumber.
  • Let guests know how they should use the kitchen, and most importantly how they should leave it at check-out.
  • If you have a nice wood dining table make sure to provide the wood cleaner you want them to use between meals (I learned this the hard way)

Airbnb kitchen

Visibility and Guest Safety

Oven mitts and pot holders are essential for protecting the safety of your guests, and your counters. Make sure that you hang them in a visible place next to the stove so that guests can easily find them when they are cooking.

At some point, most guests will want to heat some leftover food or meal in your kitchen. Don’t make guests work hard to find the important items that they need in your kitchen. Invest in storage racks and hooks, so that you can display the cutting boards, pot holders, and oven mitts in a highly visible way.

Make sure to have a smoke alarm, a fiberglass fire blanket and a fire extinguisher in your kitchen, just in case.

Airbnb kitchen

Enjoy the Airbnb Kitchen,a Guests! ( Just follow the rules)

Prevent guests from damaging your Airbnb kitchen with a cheerful and friendly sign reminding them to use cutting boards, hot pads and to leave the strainer in the sink. As I’ve learned, you’ll want to make your kitchen rules as visible and clear as possible. This framed sign printable is a simple yet genius way to prevent damages.

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