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Airbnb Bedroom Essentials for an Oasis of Comfort!

Looking for a few ways to create the ultimate oasis for your guests? It all starts with the Airbnb bedroom! Here is my guide to everything you need for a relaxing bed that is fluffier than a cloud!

There’s something about a crisp made-up boutique hotel bed that just oozes with comfort. Your Airbnb bedroom can mirror this experience with a few additions to the regular bedding. Today I’m sharing exactly how we make up our own Airbnb bedroom for guests and the items we use. Take your guests’ comfort to new heights with a fluffy, cloud-like sleep experience! 

Airbnb Bedroom Step 1: High-Quality Eco-Friendly Mattress

Using an old mattress or a cheap option will only result in uncomfortable nights for your guests.  I suggest going for a CertiPUR-US Certified mattress that will not require a long break-in period.  The bed will stay in your Airbnb for years, so it’s your biggest investment. We use this Green Tea Luxe Memory Foam Mattress.

Airbnb Bedroom

Airbnb Bedroom Step 2: Cozy Mattress Topper

We found an incredibly comfortable topper that is charcoal-infused and eco-friendly, so no toxic smells when opening and it will upgrade your Airbnb guests’ sleep experience. It’s amazing in the high season when you are hosting many guests with quick turnovers. We use the ViscoSoft 3 Inch Charcoal Memory Foam Mattress Topper.

Airbnb Bedroom Step 3: Waterproof Terry Mattress Protector

To protect everything I suggest a quality waterproof mattress protector that covers both the mattress and the topper. Make sure it can tuck down under the mattress for bedbugs. Knock on wood we’ve never had this issue, but I did stay in a rental that had them and I can tell you….that you don’t want these critters as co-hosts! Always protect your mattress and pillows with a waterproof cover. We use the SafeRest Mattress Protector with a soft terry feel.

Airbnb Bedroom Step 4: Use 400 Thread Count Sheets

Now on to the cozy layers! I LOVE our sheets from California Design Den, they are amazing and I’ve tried many other brands and nothing compares. The price is right at $40 a set and they are eco-friendly and soft as clouds being breathable 100% pure, long-staple cotton.! They wash up beautifully and don’t hold onto stains. We use California Design Den sateen weave sheet set

Airbnb Bedroom

For more tips on how to keep your linens white and bright click here.

Airbnb Bedroom Step 5: Fluffy Duvet with a High Thread Count Cover 

Again, California den makes an AMAZING duvet cover with buttons. I really only recommend this one for your bedding. Usually, when I wash the duvet cover I don’t put it in the dryer, I hang it to dry for a couple of hours to dry it wrinkly free then I put it in the dryer for 15 mins only. This way you won’t need to iron it. We use California Design Den’s Silky Soft Cotton Duvet Cover Set. Or if you want a more luxurious feel you can make your bed into a serene sanctuary light and airy gauze set! Woven from the finest long-staple Turkish cotton, it’s so incredibly soft and fluffy! Gauze cover set from Parachute in Ivory. We only use these when we have guests staying a week or longer to make it a bit more lux. 

Airbnb Bedroom Step 6: Hotel-Quality Pillows

Because guests are all different, some will like to sleep with firm pillows and others soft. Don’t be tempted to grab cheaper pillows, because they really are an important part of your guests’ comfort. I suggest having 4 quality pillows on your bed. We use for our soft pillows COZSINOOR Hotel Quality Pillows Premium Plush Fiber, and for our firm pillows Serta Down Illusion Soft Hypoallergenic pillows.

Airbnb Bedroom Step 7: A Lumbar Pillow and Throw Pillows

Since these items are small and will have a big design impact on your bed, this is where you can splurge a little and add in some colors. Amazon has some boho beautiful pillow covers or you can go with brands like Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters, or The Citizenry to fit your personal design aesthetic. We used Urban Outfitters for our pillows and our throw blanket.

Airbnb Bedroom

I hope this guide helps you to create your own Airbnb bedroom oasis for guests that they will rave about in the reviews! 

Are you decorating an Airbnb? Grab my Free Airbnb Essentials ebook for my full checklist and list of suggestions room-by-room, just click below and I’ll send you an instant download! 

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