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Airbnb Branding | Ideas That Attract Guests to Book!

In the vacation rental market, standing out above the competition is key. But, with so much competition out there, finding a niche and having a branded feel is so important. In this article, you’ll learn some actionable ways to make your Airbnb beautifully branded! 

Having an established brand aesthetic can help your listing stand out. Think about what your Airbnb aesthetic is, or what you would like it to be.  You can do this by looking on Instagram and seeing how other hosts are presenting their places for inspiration.  This way your Airbnb Listing will look cohesive and professional. As an Airbnb Ambassador, I get to review hundreds of listings and personally give advice and branding ideas to new hosts from all over the world. Read my best tips for branding your Airbnb below! 

Think of your Airbnb As a Brand

Research shows that you have about 3 seconds to captivate potential guests’ interest while they scroll through listings on Airbnb before they move on. Therefore, when thinking of the overall branding of your Airbnb ask yourself these two questions:

  • How do you want to be seen? (A cozy cabin in the woods, a cool hideaway in the desert, a modern apartment in the city…)
  • What are 5 emotions you want guests to ‘feel’ about your Airbnb when they come to your Instagram account?  Maybe joy, inspiration, intrigue, interest, desire to stay there, etc.

But what is “branding” exactly, and how do you implement it without being a pro?

How to Decorate in a Branded Way

If your Airbnb is a ‘cabin in the woods’ you want to try to highlight everything unique about that vacation experience in your feed like quietness, nature, and space.  Therefore, decorate with the potential guest in mind and you’ll truly promote your Airbnb  Instagram. If you make the guests feel ’emotion’ and connect with your Airbnb there is more of a chance they will remember you and book again! Ensure that your listing photography incorporates those elements which will make them feel what you want them to experience.

Fun Ideas for Branding your Airbnb

Choosing a unique design aesthetic that sets you apart from competitors is crucial, especially if your location is over-saturated with vacation rentals. The best way to do this is to look at competitive listings on Airbnb and try to find a niche that no one else is doing (or doing well).

“Create photo-worthy backdrops in various spaces throughout the property. Stage each different area as if you’re setting up a movie set, using items such as stand-out furniture pieces (for example, a swing chair), wall art, dramatic fixtures, walls painted with art murals, or other fun props that tie to your theme” – Allison, Starship Landing Airbnb, Joshua Tree, CA

Freebie: Grab my free room-by-room Airbnb checklist here! 

Use Branding to Promote your Airbnb on Instagram

By making your vacation rental more “Instagrammable”, you’ll attract the type of guest who is likely to take photos at your property and share them on their own social media accounts—which means free promotion and user-generated content! Another pro tip is to use presets! If you’re not familiar, a preset is a way of editing your photos to ensure they all have similar lighting and color tones. Find one that works well with your Airbnb’s brand aesthetic and start using Planoly to plan your content in advance. It’s a lifesaver for busy hosts looking to create a beautiful, cohesive Instagram presence! 

For more tips on improving your Instagram Feed check out my article: 10 + Secrets to Promote your Airbnb on Instagram

Have a Clear Message in your Branding

Having signage and a guest welcome book that work together is a great start to having and branded feel. I’ve created for you a bundle of modern and branded templates that you can 100% edit with Canva, and add in exactly what you want to say! With these neutral, branded and beautiful hosting templates you can SIMPLY and quickly explain to guests the rating system, your house rules, and check-out instructions.

Ways to display your signage in your Airbnb:

• In a frame

• On a clipboard

• Next to a welcome basket

• Added into your house manual

• Laminate them and sanitize them after each guest

• Make them into mini printed cards 

Airbnb Branding Ideas

 Airbnb Rating Review Sign

Let guests know EXACTLY how the 5-Star rating system works! Get more 5-Star ratings and grow your STR business, avoid any 4-star ratings that can affect your hosting status and bookings. 

Airbnb Branding Ideas
Airbnb House Rules Sign

Let guests know EXACTLY what the house rules are! Avoid guests bringing in extra people, wearing shoes inside, or vaping. If it is written clearly they can’t say they didn’t know about the rules. Remind them to be a bit quieter and keep your neighbors happy!

Airbnb Branding Ideas
Airbnb Check-Out Sign

Let your guests know EXACTLY how to check out! Add in all of the steps you want them to complete to make your turnover smooth and easier. 

Airbnb Branding Ideas

P.s You can find these modern templates in my Etsy Shop here! First time with Canva? You also get a Canva tutorial video in my bundle on how to edit ( it’s easy and free!)  Starting a new Airbnb listing? I’m an Airbnb Ambassador and I can help you for free! Just sign up with my link here, and you’ll receive a $52 bonus when you host your first guests! 

Airbnb Branding Ideas









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