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Airbnb Cleaning Checklist | 5-Star Turnover Success

Cleaning your Vacation rental is something that is going to take time and energy. This guide is designed to help you master the turnover in the most efficient way!

When a guest checks in you want them to think of your place as a boutique hotel that is immaculate. Therefore, taking good care of your vacation rental will be crucial to your success. Travelers expect a clean, fully functional property upon arrival, and anything less can result in a negative review. Learn some tips and grab my Airbnb Cleaning Checklist!

Airbnb Cleaning checklist

Turnover Cleaning

A turnover cleaning is so much more than a regular house cleaning.  Getting your STR cleaned as soon as guests leave lets you to discover if there are any damages. You can process a claim right away if needed.

If there are damages or you need to replace anything, you have the time to get it done. There is peace of mind knowing you’re done and ready, guests will notice any shortcuts.

Mastering a Turnover

You want to appeal to all 5 senses of your guests, with sight being the most important. A clean well-presented property is key to your success and ratings. You want your guests to arrive at a clean, properly sanitized space, that exceeds their expectations.

Whether you clean yourself or hire a cleaning team. Consistency is so important.


Use an Airbnb Cleaning Checklist

A clean well-presented property is key to your success and ratings. With a checklist, you are able to edit and refine exactly what needs to be cleaned, refilled, and restaged after check-out.

Make sure the cleaning checklist is used every time as a reference. A great idea is to have it laminated. Simply punch a hole in the left corner, and add a key ring. You or your team and use a washable marker to tick off as each room is cleaned.

Give Enough Time to Clean

When guests check-out you have a certain window of time before the next ones arrive. A good window is  checkout at 11am and checkin at 3pm. I suggest you leave a 4 hour cleaning window. This dosent mean it will take four hours, but it gives you some buffer room.

Airbnb cleaning checklist

Hiring a Cleaner

If you decide to hire a professional team. Make sure you have cleaned your own Airbnb  and know exactly what needs to be done. Having the experience cleaning yourself, lets you set the standard and keep it that way.

When interviewing cleaners them know exactly how you need your place cleaned. First, clean it yourself pristinely and walk them through each room with your checklist. Show them how you want things cleaned and sanitized. 

Tip: Always have a backup for your cleaning plan. A good rule of thumb is to have a team ‘B’  that you can use from time to time. If your cleaner is sick if they are late or have an emergency. Having a backup cleaner is very important. You want a number to call when you need it!

Restocking & Restaging

Make sure to have a place set aside to keep items that are restocked after each guest. Ideally, this would be a locked cupboard or storage locker on-site. Keep enough supplies for  1-3 months &  buy in bulk to save money and to avoid running out to the store last minute.

Asks guests to not move furniture. It can still happen, so that is why it is important to take pictures of the areas that are most important to re-stage and restock.

This way your Airbnb is presented to guests, the same every time, like the listing photos. This is helpful also for your cleaners, so they will know exactly what you want. They should reference the pictures you took after each turnover so that everything is put back in its place.

Photo examples: the bathroom toiletries, the guest welcome basket, kitchen amenities, coffee station, pillows on beds, books on the coffee table.

Airbnb Cleaning Checklist

Impress Your Guests

A clean property is imperative to your success. Guests often comment in the reviews about how clean your property is in the review. “This place was SO clean!”

So, it’s important that you create a solid plan for each turnover and photography for re-staging once the space is clean. This way, you can guarantee your rental will be immaculate for the next guest. The number one concern for guests during Covid-19 was the proper cleaning and sanitizing of the Airbnb.

My Airbnb Cleaning Checklist template has a section for every room with photos you can add. You can edit the list on Canva, and easily change the check lists, fonts, or colors. I’ve done the design work for you, you simply fill out the template, add sections and make it yours!

There is even a bonus E-book That has ALL the information you need for a 5-star cleaning!

Airbnb cleaning checklist

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