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One way to make your Airbnb decor to stand out is to have unique design details. Guests love personal touches that make your Airbnb feel like a home! As you scroll through the Instagram accounts of other Airbnb’s, are you noticing all those fresh design details? Good news, your Airbnb decor does not have to cost a fortune, you can DIY it!

Why not start creating some fun design touches for your own Airbnb decor? Here are my favorite DIY projects that I’ve fallen in love with this year! You can revamp, hack and create the Airbnb design space of your dreams.

Extra Long Lumbar Pillow by Paper and Stitch

You know those long lumbar pillows you see in decor shops that cost a couple hundred? Not this one, you make it out of a woven flat weave rug, and it requires minimal sewing. This extra long lumbar pillow is perfect as a decorative bed pillow for guests to really make a design statement in the room.

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DIY Copper Plant Stands By Sarah Sherman Samuel

Plant stands look amazing in your Airbnb decor and they don’t need to cost a ton with this simple DIY trick! You just need a little spray paint and a Netflix movie to watch while you do the macrame robe wrapping part.

Airbnb decor

DIY Dowel Ladder By the Merry Thought

Make this Instaworthy ladder in no time. Place the ladder by the door, or bedroom for guests to throw all the things they are walking in with – keys, mail, sunglasses. If you’re unfamiliar with dowels, they are very inexpensive round pieces of wood at the hardware store. Most hardware stores will cut them, for a small fee, if you give the measurements in this tutorial.

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DIY Leather Luggage Rack By Almost Makes Perfect

Luggage racks are generally not too interesting to look at. Makeover a simple Amazon luggage rack in less than an hour with this modern leather version! Add a modern and functional pop to your Airbnb decor!

Airbnb decor

Easy DIY Wooden Studio Sofa by Fall for DIY

If you are feeling ambitious, why not make your own couch? This minimal, and gorgeous couch will cost a fraction of anything similar online. With the right tools and a helping hand, you could make this in a weekend!

Airbnb decor

DIY Stenciled Floor Tiles by Helimick Hacienda

If you love the look of bold geometric tiles but are not in the mood to tear up your Airbnb floors…Try this DIY floor stencil to add instant charm! Use this design to stencil a kitchen backsplash or to stencil your bathroom floor. Stenciling over existing tiles is a great money-saving DIY painting project. These tiles will really stand out in your Airbnb photos & they have a sealant on top so they will withstand traffic. A stenciled floor can be all you need to add a designer look to your space.


DIY Pom Pom Blanket by A Beautiful Mess

Nothing like a bright pop of color on a blanket with pom poms. It’s that time of year for blankets and couch cuddling, so you had better make sure your guests are stocked up in the blanket department. Have you ever made pom-poms? they are incredibly easy and fun to make, and create a fun element to your Airbnb decor!

Airbnb decor

DIY Copper Clothes Rail By Burkatron

This DIY clothes rail is the perfect solution for guests to hang their clothes. It provides a design element to the room and is practical! I’ve just discovered this blogger and she has tons of great DIY inspiration on her website that are all worth looking at.

Airbnb decor

DIY Textured Clay Planter by Burkatron

I love having plants in my Airbnb, but the pots are so expensive and hard to find.  Here is an adorable DIY that uses Air dry clay to make a modern textured pot in less than an hour! This is a UK blogger but I found the equivalent product on Amazon here.

Airbnb decor

DIY 3D Stenciled Planter by Lily Ardor

While on the topic of planters, this stenciled one adds a bit of texture and pattern to any room. Try this simple 3D stenciling technique that takes 10 mins from start to finish. You can find my article for the best plants that will thrive in your Airbnb and ones that your guests can’t kill here.

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DIY Stairs Runner by Helmick Hacienda

Adding a runner to your stairs not only protect your stairs but is a fun design element. Choosing a geometric black and white pattern will really make a statement and give your stairs the attention they deserve!


DIY Hand Stitched Pouf by A Beautiful Mess

To cozy up your living room, add in a pouf that guests can lounge on. Made from just a couple of rag rugs, you don’t even need a sewing machine to make this! It will become the favorite spot for guests to unwind.

DIY Wooden, X Shaped Magazine Holder by Passion Shake

Guests love relaxing and picking up a magazine to flip through. This simple magazine holder will hold all those copies of your Airbnb Magazine! It’s sleek and minimal and makes a real statement.

Hopefully, this helps you with some ideas for your own Airbnb decor! I love inspiring hosts to make their Airbnb’s the best they possibly can.  Check out my useful Airbnb Host bundles available on Etsy. From customizable guestbooks to printable signs for your decor, you’ll find everything you need to make your Airbnb stand out! Every bundle comes with a free copy of my book, The Ultimate Superhost Guide and a free 500+ wall art printables resource guide. Grab it here while it’s on sale!

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