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Airbnb Decor| 7 Stylish & Cheap Ikea Finds Your Guests Will Love.

Finding Airbnb decor doesn’t have to be expensive! Thrift stores and flea markets are filled with inexpensive treasures and one-of-a-kind pieces that feel like they have a story attached to them. You just have to do a little hunting around (which is the fun part!)

It’s no secret that I have a thing for IKEA. Their stuff is affordable, cute, and incredibly well thought out, and over the years I seem to have incorporated IKEA pieces in every room of our Airbnb! There are several things that IKEA does especially well for Airbnb decor, and one of those is to create great decorating staples that are easy to layer, build upon, and work into many different types of spaces. 

Airbnb Decor on a Budget.

Most hosts are on a budget when they start to think about their Airbnb decor, but paying attention to details will make their Airbnb stand out over the competition. You want your Airbnb guests to feel special, so create a relaxing space with stylish and personal touches that set a warm feeling to their stay. The items you choose for your space should say something, and together they’ll help tell the larger story of your home.

With these great finds from Ikea, you don’t have to spend a fortune on your Airbnb decor…fortunately! No affiliate links here, just sharing my favorites!

The Airbnb Decor List.

  1. HANDSKALAD, 12.99. Made of natural beechwood this artist’s hand looks great on a bookshelf or table. It gives a quirky & fun feeling to a room and feels modern.
  2. FEJKA, set of 3 x 4.99. It’s sometimes hard to have natural plants in your Airbnb, you can add some “life” to your spaces without having to worry about maintenance! They are minimal and give a pop of green where needed.
  3. TUVALIE, Stripped Throw $14.99. I’ve had this throw in my Airbnb for over a year and it washes beautifully and softens over time. I highly recommend for the bottom of the bed to give an overall high-end feeling to your bedding.
  4. STOCKHOLM, Walnut Round Mirror, $129. First off, I love round mirrors and the touch of walnut on this one makes adds warmth to a room. This would look great in a small entryway above a little bench or table.
  5. ARBETE, Mango Wood Bowl, $19.99. Fill the bowl with decorations or use it alone as a beautiful object in its own right. This looks and feels expensive like a piece of art.
  6. BUSKBO, Rattan Armchair, $130. Made of hand-woven rattan, this trendy chair gives a natural boho vibe to your Airbnb decor. Airy but sturdy with an embracing feel makes it perfect for guests to curl up in. This would be great in a bedroom corner as an accent chair.
  7. NJUTNING, Candle in Green Glass, $7.99. This candle has a soft scent of vanilla and hints of mint. If you leave a present for guests, this would make a perfect guest gift.

It’s All in the Details.

Tip: Remember to a guest checking in, those small details that catch their eyes are everything! I often receive messages from guests who are excited to stay in my Airbnb, and it’s mostly decorated with Ikea finds and a few art books. My advice is to keep your decor minimal and fresh, and it will look clean and amazing to guests.

I hope these tips will help you in your Airbnb decor quest! Whether you are just starting to think about hosting or are a seasoned host check out my Airbnb Host Bundles available on Etsy. They are full of helpful printables, editable guestbooks and everything you need to know about setting up and Airbnb (and becoming a Superhost) Learn the skills needed to skyrocket your Airbnb! Click here to grab your bundle.

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