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Airbnb Decor | DIY Accent Walls On-the-Cheap

Do you ever look at your Airbnb decor and think, “hmmm, it’s just missing something…”. A lot of the time it’s is just missing is a little bit of visual interest, texture and many times that can be solved with a simple accent wall! An accent wall can make your listing photos pop and draw more attention from guests searching for an interesting space!

Here is a round-up of cheap and chic accent wall ideas with a few tutorials. hopefully, it will help make some design decisions for your Airbnb decor a bit easier for you. 

What is an Accent Wall?

Most of us think of painting a wall when we think of accent walls, but adding character and dimension to those walls makes an even bigger statement! Accent walls bring depth and visual interest to your Airbnb and can add so much personality.

Where Should You Put an Accent Wall?

The best place is where your eye naturally goes when you walk into a room. Your accent wall will be the focal point of a room. The wall behind a bed or an entryway wall is always a great choice.

What Colour Should My Accent Wall Be?

Colour and texture are all about your personal preference with your Airbnb decor. It’s your space so have fun with it!

Staying Neutral – Many Airbnb’s have a neutral color on the walls, such as a bright white or soft grey. When choosing accent walls, it’s common to just add a bit of interest in texture. You can do this by keeping the color the same and adding a shiplap or a moulding feature wall. Alternatively, you can just add wallpaper or stenciling. 

Pop of Color: Another popular approach is to add a Pop of color. Pick a paint color that compliments your Airbnb, and will really pop against your other neutral walls. Some of the most striking accent wall colors are navy blues, deep greens, and black.

Here’s some feature wall inspiration for you…

Airbnb decor

Airbnb Decor: Accent Wall Ideas

DIY Moulding Accent walls ideas are everywhere now, and they are not going away anytime soon! They can be personalized to suit your own style and add a ton of personality to a space!

Deep Color Shiplap Wall

Talk about a pop of color and texture! This horizontal accent wall by Plank and Pillow adds such a deep and visual interest to the office nook.

Airbnb decor

DIY Horizontal Accent Wall

This stunning emerald green accent wall can be completed in a weekend with this awesome tutorial by Love Create Celebrate!

Geometric Accent Wall

Play with angles to create this visually gorgeous accent wall with a tutorial by Within the Groove. This color looks great with hardwood floors!

Airbnb decor

DIY Two-Tone Accent Wall

I love the contrast of the rich deep color and natural wood in this easy Diy by Lauren B. Photography

Airbnb decor

Simple Board and Batten

A simple board and batten wainscoting adds a classic charm without needing much lumber. I love the simple detail that it adds to a minimal Airbnb decor bedroom.

DIY Gold-Sharpie Wall

I love the ingenuity of using nothing more than a ruler and a sharpie to create such a modern and ‘Sharp’ looking wall. Check out the tutorial by Classy Clutter. For about $8 you can achieve this wall and have instant visual appeal.

Airbnb decor

Washi-Tape Walls

Yes, its tape! You can tape yourself an accent wall on the absolute cheap that looks like wallpaper! Here are a ton of ideas that you can try, the cost is a few rolls of tape for stunning Airbnb decor.

Airbnb decor

Painted Headboards

Headboards are expensive, especially if you are decorating several rooms. You can paint a gorgeous headboard on the blank wall behind your beds. Here is a multi-layered colorful delight for inspiration, you could absolutely recreate this with ALL paint!

Two-Tone Walls

Dual toned walls are a fresh and modern take on plain white walls. A crisp, clean line and color play can add dimension to a room. A lighter color on top gives the illusion of added height. This can also define the wall behind the bed to create the look of a simple headboard.

Airbnb decor

Ombré Shelf Accent Wall

This Ombré accent wall is both a functional (displaying all your awesome trinkets) and interesting Airbnb decor. Any hardware store that sells lumber will cut your boards for a small fee. To draw the circle place a tack in the middle of the wall, and tie a string to the tack with a pencil on the other end ( the string length depending on how large you want the circle to be) Then carefully extend the string and place your pencil on the wall and draw your circle. Measure the lengths of boards you will need. The Ombré color can be achieved by buying the darkest color needed and diluting each section with a little white each time to create the effect.

Airbnb decor

Paint to Define Spaces

Using two colors in an open space can help the flow of the room. It’s an accent wall idea that adds a subtle beauty to your Airbnb decor.

Airbnb decor

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