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Airbnb Design: Explore Creekside Hideaway, a Modern Condo in Whistler

Welcome to MammaMode’s Airbnb design interview series, where I delve into the inspiring stories of Airbnb design and the hosts who have transformed their spaces into inviting havens for travelers!

In this edition, I take you to the heart of Whistler’s stunning Creekside community, where I had the privilege of sitting down with a few exceptional Airbnb hosts. Riley And Andrew graciously shared their experiences, insights, and the secrets behind the captivating design of their Creekside condos.

Creekside Hideaway in Whistler: A Serene Escape

Nestled amid the majestic mountains and pristine beauty of Whistler, these exceptional hosts have crafted an unforgettable retreat in Creekside, Whistler. Their condo is a masterpiece of Airbnb design and functionality, seamlessly blending modern aesthetics with the cozy charm of a mountain lodge. Step inside, and you’ll be greeted by warm, mountain tones, thoughtfully curated decor, and breathtaking views of the surrounding natural wonderland. It’s a space where travelers can unwind, rejuvenate, and create lasting memories.

Creekside Village is its Hidden Gem

An oasis of tranquility nestled in the heart of this grand mountain playground. Surrounded by the same majestic peaks and pristine beauty as Whistler, Creekside Village boasts the charm of a secluded mountain sanctuary, yet it offers easy access to adventure, stunning trails, world-class skiing, and top-notch amenities and shopping. I loved an exclusive boutique I discovered called Bach and Co, which has an amazing curated selection of high-end fashion and our amazing West Coast dining experience we had at The Rim Rock.

I’m excited to give you a peek inside Creekside Hideaway, and learn the Airbnb design secrets and personal stories behind this Whistler wonder! Definitely a place to put on your bucket list!

Airbnb design

Airbnb Design | Creekside Hideaway Interview

Firstly, tell us about yourselves!  

Andrew and I live in the lower mainland on a historic family farm with our 1-year-old daughter, Makena, and our two dogs. I was lucky enough to spend nearly every weekend of my childhood in Whistler. Whistler really offers it all so Andrew and I spent many years going up to Whistler whenever we could! We got our condo shortly after finding out we were expecting, which immediately set a timeline to get the renovations done before Makena arrived. Since completing the renovations we have been lucky to spend time there personally and host some amazing guests.

What was your vision when creating the Creekside Hideaway?

We wanted to make sure we provided a clean relaxing space that would appeal to families looking for somewhere to spend quality time. We wanted to keep as many natural elements as possible so that the condo still suits being in a mountain town!

What was your favorite part of the Airbnb design process?

My goal was to design a space that is calming and enjoyable to be. In the kitchen, I wanted to play with some color on the cabinets, and having gold hardware was an absolute must. For the bathrooms, it was fun to play around with the black, white, and natural wood features.  

Given the chance, it is nice to add as many built-in features that make everyday life easier and more comfortable.  Adding the built-ins to the entryway and the entertainment area removes the need to find furniture pieces to fit those spaces and keep a cohesive design throughout the condo. We also found the perfect bunk bed for the second bedroom that allows for more guests but also keeps that room feeling cozy. Even though it was a small space, we made sure to find an option for under-bed storage, hanging space, and device charging needs!

How did you gather inspiration and narrow down your Airbnb design choices for the Creekside Hideaway?

Creating a modern cozy condo that fit in the mountains was my primary inspiration. I just started with a few non-negotiables I wanted in the design and then collected samples and determined which elements contributed to the overall vibe I was going for. The green in the kitchen was one of the must-haves, the supporting features were the natural wood floors, bright countertops, and a simple modern backsplash. In the bathrooms, I knew I wanted to stick to a more Scandinavian design so we went with the natural wood grain cabinets with black hardware and white countertops. I just couldn’t resist the grey and white patterned tile in the showers to add some interest and dimension.

Airbnb design

I definitely recommend bringing all your samples together in the actual space you are updating. There were a few decisions that were hard to make because the lighting at the tile store or in your own home is always going to be different than in the space you are renovating. Once I brought the samples into the space it was a relief to see a clear winner!

Tell us more about your kitchen, the green tones with the brass hardware are gorgeous.! Were they refinished or did you order everything new?

These cabinets are all new to the space, and I worked with Amanda at 180 kitchens to bring the vision together! The original cabinets were black and fell apart as soon as we started the demo. I have always loved green and thought what better place to test it out than in our condo in the mountains? 

I wanted to keep adding interest with the countertops and backsplash so we chose quartz with some grey tones that had a natural look (Icelake by Vicostone). The backsplash is white with a handmade finish laid in a modern vertical stack pattern.  Some open shelving was a must for a couple of reasons. I know it is always hard being in someone else’s kitchen and opening every drawer looking for things, so we wanted some open shelves for the everyday items so it is obvious for guests and they feel right at home!  We also love the natural wood look as a design feature framing the sink along that wall.

Airbnb design

What extra amenities or Airbnb design touches do you provide that guests have appreciated the most? 

So far, guests have really appreciated the fully stocked kitchen and the home-like feel of the condo overall. I think that is a testament to many design features creating a comfortable vibe for our guests. We also provide a gift basket for guests with some goodies and practical items they may need during their stay. We will continue to fine-tune what we provide for guests so that any commonly forgotten items are available in the condo. We also have a fully stocked cabinet with many books and family board games. Who doesn’t love a game night?!

What does your ideal weekend spent in Creekside/Whistler look like?

Any time spent outdoors in Whistler is a good day! We have so many favorites, here are a few seasonal examples of what we might get up to during a Whistler getaway!

Ski season: 

Walk to Creekside Village and grab some breakfast at Rockit Coffee before a day of skiing, grab a Caesar at Dusty’s after, and then order some pizza from Creekbread for dinner. We also love going for a snowy walk by the nearby lakes on the Valley Trail and relaxing at Scandinave Spa if there is time! 

Summer season: 

Enjoy a nice breakfast at home with goodies from BReD, go for a walk or bike ride (Valley Trail or up the mountain depending on your preference and skill level), lunch or dinner at the lovely Nita Lake Lodge. Stay in for some games, or head to Roland’s Pub for some late-night fun.

Airbnb design

What advice can you give to new hosts looking to renovate a space, or are just starting out with their Airbnb design vision? 

It is daunting to get your place ready for short-term rentals, whether you plan to renovate or not, but the effort is so worth it! We thought long and hard about every detail, and it was stressful and kept us very busy, but as soon as we got to spend some time there ourselves, the place was listed and bookings were coming in, it was so rewarding!  

Don’t be scared to bring someone on to help make design decisions or help manage your property. We live 2.5 hours away from our condo, but we wanted to provide guests with a seamless experience and immediate issue resolution should anything come up during their stay. Having a property manager who lives close by helps to ensure guests have the best experience possible. 

Other tools we implemented to ensure house rules are being adhered to was using the Minut home monitor and a keypad entry system. The Minut monitor is great for keeping tabs on the noise levels during quiet hours, this also monitors temperature and humidity in the condo. Having keyless entry with the ability to reset codes remotely is also great for keeping track of who is at the condo and ensuring the door is locked when the unit is vacant.

Thank you Riley And Andrew for sharing your Airbnb design story! Whistler may be the celebrated name on every traveler’s lips, but Creekside Village is its cherished secret, where you can savor the best of both worlds: the serene escape and the thrill of the mountains at Creekside Hideaway!

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