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Airbnb DIY Decor | 7 Easy Wall Art Ideas!

Looking for some easy Airbnb DIY decor ideas? You probably have some large empty spaces that need a touch of something special. But art can be expensive! Try these fun DIY ideas to add texture & make your listing photos pop and draw more attention from guests searching for an interesting space!

Do you ever look at your Airbnb decor and think, “I need to step this up.” A lot of the time it is just missing a little bit of visual interest, texture, and many times that can be solved with a simple DIY!

Here is a round-up of cheap and chic DIY Ideas with a few tutorials. Hopefully, it will help make some easy design decisions for your Airbnb decor a bit easier for you. What better way to make your space a reflection of your creativity?

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DIY Terracotta Paint Vases

Just head into a thrift store, or dig in your recycling bin, to pick out some fun shaped vases, mugs, and bottles… and slap on some terracotta-colored paint… you’ll instantly have a set of gorgeous matching vases to decorate your shelves! Try this DIY by Food 52

Airbnb DIY Decor

DIY Architectural Planters

If you are a fan of hot glue gun projects this one is for you! Create some fun new vessels to put your plant babies in! When you look online all of the really cool textured ceramic planters are always super pricey! These ones use the magic of foam, spray paint, some glass vases, and a trusty hot glue gun! The possibilities are truly endless for the structures you can create! Try this tutorial from Lone Star! An Airbnb DIY Decor gem!

Airbnb DIY Decor

DIY Woven Wall Art

One of the hardest places to decide on art for is above the bed. It’s a large space to fill and can get a little pricy. This tutorial from Molly at Almost Makes Perfect is both easy and earthquake-safe to hang over a bed!

Airbnb DIY Decor

DIY Mudcloth Wall Art

African Mudcloth, also called Bògòlanfini, is a trendy fabric material these days for home decors, such as tapestry or throw pillows. You can find some interesting textile patterns from Etsy sellers and follow this step-by-step tutorial by Hydrangea Treehouse!

Airbnb DIY Decor

DIY Framed Tapestry

If you want to fill a large wall with something eye-catching for as little money as possible, as quickly as possible, then frame an amazon tapestry… how does $12 sound for wall art? Try this easy tutorial from Jenna Sue Design for your Airbnb DIY decor!

Airbnb DIY Decor

DIY Plaster and Canvas Art

Airbnb DIY Decor requires you to just grab a framed picture from Micheals and slap on some drywall mud and go to town! This DIY is both easy and satisfying. You could achieve the same look without the hefty price tag of buying original textured art. Try this tutorial from A Glass of Bovino!

DIY Easy Pressed Plant Art

With just a few simple and practical steps you can create creating nature-inspired art in your home. Pressed plants and leaves from your own garden! Try this tutorial by Sunny Circle Studios!

Airbnb DIY Decor
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