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Airbnb Family-Friendly | Decor Ideas for Kids to Increase Bookings!

Airbnb family-friendly spaces are on the rise! More and more families are taking staycations close to home. A clever idea is to create an Airbnb kids corner or room just for your wee guests! Learn a few ways to can DIY one yourself!

When guests arrive, kids have been in the car for a few hours, and are restless. Having some kid-friendly additions to your Airbnb will help to occupy them when the parents settle in! I have a 5-year-old daughter and a baby, when we travel, it would be so nice to have a little area just for them. But, alas many STR hosts miss the mark on this part of the design process. If you want to appeal to families, and you have parents searching for places to stay… believe me, when they see a curated, fun kids area- They will book!

Create A Fun Kids Room

If you have an Airbnb family-friendly space or are close to an attraction that draws in family vacationers, like a beach, zoo, or amusement park…then a dedicated kids’ room is a wonderful idea. Maximize your space with a bunk bed and add in some fun kids’ decor. The best way to achieve this is to stay “neutral” and clean in your design,  and then adults can also sleep there without feeling like they are staying in a circus tent. Try these white and exotic light wood twin modern bunk beds!

Airbnb family-friendly

Kid’s Room Decor Ideas

Adding in some special touches and toys that are sanitizable will delight your littlest guests! You don’t need to go overboard, a hanging mobile, hopscotch rug, and a couple of chairs will warm up the space instantly to make it Airbnb family-friendly!

Create an AMAZING Kids Outdoor space

For just $300 you can buy this wooden kids’ playhouse kit and then DIY paint for a modern and dreamy play space! I think having this in your listing photos would get guests booking at warp speed! Your property would stand out so much more. I love this DIY tutorial by Molly at Almost Makes Perfect to help transform it into an Airbnb family-friendly dream! 

Airbnb family-friendly

Airbnb Kids Corner Ideas

If you don’t want to dedicate a bedroom, a kid’s corner is SUPER easy to achieve. It can be as simple as a table and chairs, to a mini kitchen and a few toys. Here are some of my favorite ideas to achieve a family-friendly kids’ corner! A little kitchen provides hours upon hours of fun for busy children. I think wood is much more durable than plastic. I love this modern take on a painted white little kitchen and this one with natural wood.

Natural mat

A natural jute mat adds warmth and texture to a room. It gives a defined play area and a place to play cars and games.

Table and Chair Set

This all-natural kids’ table and chair set are both beautiful and durable. A modern piece for your Airbnb Kids’ corner and it all tucks in nicely to nest together! Can they please make this in adult size?

Airbnb Kids

Woven Basket

Use a woven rope storage basket that is soft with no sharp edges. This one with handles is great for infants, kids, and babies. Parents will also love a place to put their toys and books during their stay!

Keep it Super Clean and Safe

Guests who are traveling with children are super vigilant about the cleanliness of a property. They often worry about their children getting sick while staying away from home even if it looks like an Airbnb family-friendly space. Make sure that you have your cleaning team pay special attention to any surfaces that a child would come into contact with including floors, bedding, and any baby furniture or toys. An easy way to achieve this is to just wipe everything down with a Clorox Disinfecting wipe that you can buy in bulk. 

You should also make sure that you don’t provide items to guests that can not be easily sterilized between uses, such as certain types of plush toys and baby furniture. Make sure you mention in your listing that you clean and sanitize all surfaces and kids’ toys. 

According to the Airbnb infant policy, all Airbnb hosts must allow infants to stay for free. As a result, you should be prepared to accommodate even the youngest Airbnb guests by infant-proofing your property as well. This includes also securing pieces of furniture like dressers to the wall that could tip over.

Leave A Few Art & Building Supplies

Providing some paper and a few washable markers is enough. Oh, and how cute is this tin spirograph set? It’s sanitizable, durable and all ages (even adults) will love playing with this! I also LOVE this Set of castle building blocks, this would provide hours of fun if left in a basket. 

Here is an Airbnb Kids Freebie! I’ve designed this inspiring 8×10 quote printable for your Airbnb kids’ corner or bedroom! It makes a cute addition and you can download it for free here!

P.s If you want more tips on how to decorate your Airbnb room-by-room? Then grab my free ebook here that is an indispensable checklist for new hosts! 

Airbnb family-friendly

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