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Airbnb Guest Gifts | The Tahoe House Recipe Kit w/Free Template!

Airbnb guest gifts are a great way to set the tone for an amazing stay! Looking for a unique way to welcome your guests? Think about offering guests an option to cook your favorite recipe together! This is an easy, cost-effective idea, and here’s how to do it!

Do you have an easy Instapot recipe that everyone loves? For a unique Airbnb guest gift why not leave guests a welcome note that includes a recipe card for your famous chili or BBQ Dry Rub! Guests will love this and making the spices won’t cost very much per stay.

It also works well for larger groups as an all-in-one gift for the group!

All of our guests this winter are being gifted with our signature house chili recipe kits as a welcome gift 🌶✨ we think it’s the perfect comfort dish to come home to after a day spent outdoors in the mountains! 

The Tahoe House

The recipe kit idea comes from creative hosts Janel & Kev from The Tahoe House. They host a house and have done such an amazing job at branding their Airbnb with cozy robes, bespoke mugs, coasters, and even pillows! They really go the extra mile to welcome their guests. Their Airbnb guest gift is a recipe for their amazing chili! How fun is that for guests?!

Airbnb Guest Gifts

You can find The Tahoe House in beautiful Lake Tahoe, just 5 mins from the beach and the ski slopes. They have really created an oasis that is such a great place to stay, in any season, and definitely worth checking out!

I’ve Interviewed the hosts from The Tahoe House and they are sharing some really amazing hosting tips with us today!

1. What branded amenities have your guests appreciated the most?

There is one particular guest amenity at The Tahoe House that guests hands down LOVE. Our signature spa robes! Our property has a private hot tub and since we’re located in the mountains it can get pretty chilly getting in and out of the tub. These ultra-soft microfleece robes with our logo embroidered on the front keep our guests warm and cozy and make it feel like you’re vacationing at a high-end spa. 

2. What’s the story behind your signature chili? 

The story behind our signature chili is 100% my dear friend and incredible chef, Clare Langan. She recently moved to California and I was so excited to invite her up to The Tahoe House for her very first Lake Tahoe experience. During her visit, we started brainstorming creative ideas to incorporate food into the guest experience here. We’re big skiers and snowboarders and since our property is located right next to Heavenly Ski Resort, we have many guests who stay with us to enjoy the nearby slopes.

If you’re into winter sports you know that there is nothing better than coming home to an easy warm meal after a day of playing in the snow! Clare came up with the idea for a signature house chili and we partnered with her to develop the recipe for us. She booked another trip up where we got to test the recipe (it’s SO delicious, by the way!) and we leveraged her experience in food styling and my experience as a photographer to stage a styled chili photoshoot to use in our marketing and social media. 

The recipe features a signature chili seasoning blend, so I decided to purchase the spices in bulk and create small branded jars that hold exactly enough of the seasoning blend for one batch of chili, which makes it so much easier on your guests and prevents them from having to go out and buy a ton of full-size seasonings only to use a tablespoon or two for a recipe during their stay. 

We purchased an Instant Pot for the house which means guests can pull together this chili that tastes as if cooked all day long in under an hour. I used Canva to design the chili seasoning jar label as well as the recipe card and had them professionally printed. The recipe calls for a can of beer so we partnered with a local brewery and include a can in each guest welcome gift, which means that our signature chili actually includes a little taste of Lake Tahoe in it!

The guest welcome gift includes the signature chili recipe card, branded chili seasoning blend and the 12 oz can of local beer. We also offer a guest add-on to fully stock the fridge with all of the other ingredients needed for the recipe so guests can arrive and already have everything they need for a delicious dinner after a day on the slopes. We’ll be switching to different guest welcome gifts for the summer season but this turned out to be the perfect seasonal welcome gift for the winter!

3. How has branding helped with your Instagram feed?

Having an established brand aesthetic really helps in our content planning. The Tahoe House aesthetic is modern clean lines and a simple color scheme of matte black, white and neutral textures like wood and leather. I make sure that all of our photography incorporates those elements, which means that our Instagram feed and all of our marketing assets look cohesive. Another pro tip is to use presets! Even the pro photographers use them. If you’re not familiar, a preset is a way of editing your photos to ensure they all have similar lighting and color tones.

Many photographers and bloggers sell them for $25-100 and once you purchase and download them, you can use the free mobile version of Lightroom for your editing. Some presets are dark and moody, others are bright and airy. Find one that works well with your Airbnb’s brand aesthetic and start using the Preview app to plan your content in advance. It’s a lifesaver for busy hosts looking to create a beautiful, cohesive Instagram presence! 

For more tips on improving your Instagram Feed check out my article: 10 + Secrets to Promote your Airbnb on Instagram

Airbnb Guest Gifts | Recipe Kit Ideas

The ‘Recipe Kit’ is such a fun idea for your guests to connect and cook together! To spice up the gift provide guests with your own DIY blend of chili spices with a welcome message on the label! They simply shop for the items you list and then make it!

Here are a couple of great recipes for your own signature chili spices or a BBQ dry rub you can find the Tahoe House Chili recipe here or use your own!

I’m so excited to share this fun Airbnb Guest Gift idea with you, if you love it, I’ve created a free recipe card template. You can edit it with Canva & change the recipe, text, or colors to anything you want! Let your hosting creativity flow!

Airbnb Guest Gifts

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