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Airbnb Host Interview | Stay Wildflower LA

Nestled in LA you will find an eclectic mix of boutique Airbnbs: Stay Wildflower. Learn a few tips about hosting multiple properties and begin your love letter to Los Angeles!

Jeff and Shannon are the creative hosts behind Stay Wildflower in LA. Together they have designed beautiful Airbnbs each with its own unique style. The WildFlower units are thoughtfully designed to help guests plant roots and bloom. With 23 thoughtfully designed residences, guests can experience the best of California’s most dynamic and cosmopolitan city.

Stay Wildflower has a unique hosting manifesto. For every booking they receive, they provide a microfinance loan to someone around the world in need! This not only makes guests’ feel good about staying with them means greater good for those in need around the world!

2.8 billion people live on less than $2 per day, for those people a fantastic organization called Kiva makes it possible for people like you and I,  provide loans to help them provide for themselves. A loan for $500 to someone living on less than $2 per day can radically change their lives and allow them to set up a small storefront, sell their goods, and provide for their families. 

Interview: Stay Wildflower LA

Firstly, tell us about yourselves! 

About 6 years ago, Airbnb was still very new. Our family owned an apartment building in Los Angeles with a vacant unit that was struggling to fill with a long-term tenant. Shannon, my wife, had the idea of putting it up on Airbnb to see if there was any demand. We quickly went to work– she designed the unit from scratch, I built the furniture, and we took photos of the spaces. The day we listed it on Airbnb, we had three people reach out to us and we made our first booking with check-in the next day! At that point, we thought that maybe there was something to Airbnb. That was 6 years ago. Since then we have designed 23 homes in Los Angeles and welcomed over 7000 guests– we haven’t looked back since. 

What was your vision when creating Stay Wildflower?

When creating Stay Wildflower, our vision was to create a unique design in each apartment. Since Los Angeles is saturated with hotels, it was essential to envision a ‘non-corporate’ look. We didn’t want each apartment to be the same and have this cookie-cutter design. Instead, we wanted to utilize our skills and create a story within the space. If you look at each of the apartments, the interior design differs. Shannon’s expertise in this area was to create a non-traditional apartment where different colors and elements could be used to still create a homey feel. We believe that has been accomplished. 

Also, we wanted to give people flexibility when traveling, especially for long-term stays. Due to the global pandemic, more people are searching for extended stays but aren’t wanting to commit to a year-long lease. Stay Wildflower guests are able to book and aren’t tied to a larger agreement. Even more so, each space has the essentials (such as laundry detergent, a vacuum, kitchen utensils) so guests don’t need to go out and buy these items for themselves. We want the stay to be seamless and easy– exactly what we would be looking for when traveling. 

You host 23 properties in L.A.  What advice do you have to successfully host multiple properties? 

Communication is key. With a small but mighty team, we are able to accomplish a lot by consistently updating each other on activities within the company. Since we are an all-hands-on-deck group, it is essential to keep each other in the loop to ensure a smooth transition from one guest’s stay to another. It makes it even trickier that we have two buildings that we are managing, but really what it comes down to is finding employees that enjoy what they do and will do it!

What extra amenities or design touches do you provide that guests have appreciated the most? 

For each of our apartments, our team places a bottle of wine and Toblerone on the dining table and Nespresso pods/machines on the kitchen counters. I cannot tell you the amount of reviews that have centered around these simple touches. People want to experience the level of service you would receive at a hotel but have the privacy and space of an Airbnb. Our goal is to combine the two. 

Not only that, our team checks each apartment ahead of time to make sure everything you would need for a long-term stay is in the apartment. Whether that be extra towels, a vacuum cleaner, or a first aid kit. We don’t want our guests to have to go through the hassle of buying necessities and then leaving it behind. We are all about no waste and being efficient with time and money– yours and ours! 

What does your ideal weekend spent in LA look like? 

Gosh, there is a lot to do in Los Angeles. Especially since we have two buildings in different parts of LA. A weekend looks different in one apartment complex versus the other. Here is a quick look of a Brentwood weekend– be sure to follow along at @staywildflowerla to see a weekend at our Miracle Mile location.  

At the Brentwood location, there is no better way to start your Saturday than at Blueys Kitchen. This is an Australian surfer-based cafe that truly has the best brunch food– we are all about the matcha pancakes and creamy vanilla latte. After brunch, it is time for a hike! Many tourists are always surprised by the many hills and mountains surrounding LA– which is why we highly recommend the Los Leones hike. It is a tough activity but the reward is the incredible views of the South Bay coastline. After the hike, you will be thirsty for some fresh juice. Trust us! Head on over to Sunlife Organics and grab a nice refreshing Fast Eddy drink– it has green apple, lemon, ginger, and cayenne. To end the day, go back to your Stay Wildflower apartment and relax with a Netflix movie. We have access to this streaming service in all our apartments– find what you like and start watching. 

On Sunday, begin at the Santa Monica Farmer’s Market– there are delicious seasonal fruits and vegetables. Right now, we are loving the fresh peaches and apricots. Yum! After that, grab something to go and walk on over to the Santa Monica pier. You can either jump on the iconic ferris wheel, watch surfers in the water, or layout on the beach. It is the perfect way to take in the classic California summer. If you look hard enough, you might see some dolphins playing in the waves. To end the weekend, go to Elephante which is an art deco bar and restaurant close to the world renowned Third Street Promenade shopping center. Order some delicious seafood and enjoy the wonderful sunset from your seat. There is truly so much to do around our Brentwood location!

What advice can you give to new hosts looking to decorate an Airbnb in a unique and fresh way? 

Don’t follow the trends. That is what sets Stay Wildflower apart from surrounding Airbnbs. Each of our apartments have unique designs that don’t compare one to another. We want guests to look at our apartments and pick the one that speaks to them. 

If you are going to be different and creative, you want to have a cohesive look that incorporates unique pieces. For example, one of our apartments has a bright neon orange couch and a zebra-printed rug. You would think we are crazy, but it is one of the most demanded apartments! Guests want places that transport them from the norm to something more unique and creative. Don’t be afraid to take that challenge. I guarantee that more times than not it will work out!

Any advice for new Airbnb hosts just starting out with their vision who may be concerned about hosting multiple properties?

It can be daunting to host multiple properties at the same time however if you have your systems in place and a well-working team, it is smooth sailing. To start off, you need to set up your foundation. That means making sure each of your apartments and/or homes are furnished and designed properly. Then it is all about having a proper team that will do their jobs efficiently and effectively. Within the hospitality industry, it is all about timing. Making sure you respond to guests on time, making sure the turnover is done before the next guest arrives, making sure that services are provided in a timely manner. You need to have a team that can assist in those details. Trust me that the process is well worth the outcome! 

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