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Airbnb Hosts| 4 Brilliant Secrets to Save Time in Your Hosting Life.

Airbnb is such a wonderful way to connect travelers to your property and earn serious income. That being said it can also become very time consuming if you are doing everything yourself. Ever feel like hosting is taking over your life? Read on to learn a few tricks to spend less time in the laundry room and more time enjoying that extra income!

Host Time Waster #1 : Waiting for Guests to arrive…and Waiting and Waiting.

Are you a host who greets your guests personally and gives them a tour of the property every time? If so, your probably finding yourself waiting around for guests with delayed flights or those who stop on the road for dinner. For the first year of hosting I did exactly this. I was a newbie and I thought welcoming guests at the door would somehow ensure a 5 star review. Most guests were on time but others I would need to cancel plans depending on a guest’s ETA. After several guests who did not communicate arrival times or gave a vague ‘later afternoon’, I wanted to try something different: Self check-In.

To Check in Or Not to Check in? That is the Question.

Some guests love being checked in but I felt others were uncomfortable and there was awkward chit-chat. I asked myself what do I prefer when I say at an Airbnb? My answer was self – check in so I decided to do an experiment and try self check-In for a month. I never went back.

To replace your personal tour, as sweet as it is, you simply need to create a clear step-by -step check in guide via the Airbnb App that you can set up with pictures. You simply attach it to the message you send you guests a couple days before they arrive.

To create the Airbnb Check in guide through the App:

  1. Click on Listings on the bottom menu bar of the app.

2. Scroll Down to ‘Guest Resouces’ and click on Check-In Instructions.

3. Create and Edit you Check-In Instructions with photos and captions.

Instead of personally handing over the keys you can just buy a $20 lockbox or have a key pad entry right on the door. Now you don’t have to greet late night guests anymore! Yay your free!

Host Time Waster #2 : Tight Check-Out/Check-In Window… and Not Enough Sheets.

I started out with an 11 am check-out and a 2 pm check-In and a couple sets of sheets. This worked fine for the first while, but once we got busy we were changing the rental back to back for weeks at a time. This created a lot of stress to clean the suite and then wash all the sheets, towels then iron and remake the beds within a short 3 hour window. Live and learn as a host!

Solution: Have 3-4 sets of white sheets, 8 extra plush towels , 6 hand towels and 20 facecloths on stock in a locked cabinet (otherwise it’s a free for all towel usage)

Sheet sets: You want one on the bed, one in the wash and one (or two) handy and ready to go. If laundry gets backed up a day or so it won’t matter. The day your rushing to change and wash the sheets on time is the day a guest with a new spray tan checks-out and stains everything (yes this happened to us!)

Face Cloths and Hand Towels: These will get the most stains, foundation makeup and mascara will tinge them at some point! Always use spray and wash on these stains before washing them, then inspect every towel coming out of the dryer for the slightest stain. Keep any stained towels in a basket until you have a big enough load to add a cup of bleach and let it all soak for an hour. Amazon face cloths they are only 50. each and great quality. You can use the impossibly stained ones as cleaning cloths afterwards without feeling too bad.

Tip: Make you life easier and set your check-out at 11am and check-in window at 3pm+. If guests need a later check-out or earlier check in they can simply request and you can try to accommodate when it’s possible. When you can offer a later check-out, do so in your check-out message and surprise your guests. Any window less than 4 hours and your going to be limited to what you can plan over the weekend.

Host Time Waster # 3

Spending Too much time communicating with guests back and forth.

There are only 4 key messages that you will need to send at the right time for every new booking:

  1. Booking Confirmation = A friendly welcome message.
  2. 48 hours before arrival= Parking and Check in Instructions.
  3. During Stay = Touch base message ‘hope you are enjoying your stay, let me know if you need anything’ etc.
  4. Morning of Check-out= Check-out time reminder and thank you message.

Messages should always be polite and welcoming. There is a certain formula for the ‘perfect message’ and no need to write it out every time. Please use the saved responses tool in the app and save yourself hours of wasted time composing the same messages on the spot. Just change the guests name and you can efficiently fire these messages off at the right times.

Host Time Waster #4: Guests messaging with the same questions which should be obvious.

If your still getting messages like “What is the Wifi code” or “What time is Check-out” then your going to be wasting extra time communicating and guests will feel like they are wasting time on their vacation.

Solution: Have a clear and Concise Welcome book in your Rental. This should cover everything possible that a guest could ponder and message you about. Use an easy to edit template and make it look professional.

I am the author of the book ‘The Ultimate Superhost Guide’ an essential tool for Airbnb Hosts! The more you know about Airbnb, the more you will be able to use this knowledge to help you rank your listing higher in searches and become a Superhost. There’s so much more to know. There is definitely a learning curve to Airbnb and it will cost you money and time to try to learn everything on your own.

It’s available on Etsy Click here and make your hosting life easier!

P.S The Ultimate Superhost Guide comes with Freebies like a Modern and 100% Customizable Guest Welcome Book that will save you hours of time!


  • Sandra Hubley
    April 22, 2019 at 11:22 PM

    Tell you what all AirBnB guests want? Honesty. They want the photo’s to match what is actually inside the house. They want the house to be CLEAN. They want the beds to be comfy (or disclosure that the mattress is firm. They want NO unpleasant surprises. They are paying for the privilege of staying at your home/cottage/whatever. Paying you money (when they could be paying Marriott.). So please. Honesty.

    • Andrea
      April 23, 2019 at 9:45 PM

      I could not agree more Sandra. Well said. Overselling your property to catch more bookings will always disappoint and bring ratings down. An Airbnb that is good value, comfortable and sparkling clean will always impress.


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