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Airbnb Hosts| Gen X, ​Y, Z and How to Get Them to Book your Airbnb!

How do the generations compare when it comes to booking your vacation rental – and which generation do you fit into as a host? Why exactly do Guests book and who spends the most on average for their vacation rentals? I thought it would be interesting to look at the different generational travel analyses for short- term rentals. The research revealed some interesting differences between the types of travelers, and what they actually seek in a vacation rental.

It’s a Generational Thing

  • Millennials (23-38) take four or more trips per year but their trips are the shortest in duration, compared with other generations. They prefer authentic and experiential travel experiences such as cultural/educational, culinary, voluntourism, and adventure tourism, and also to get connected with people around them. 59% of millennial travelers prefer vacation rentals over hotels for their summer vacation. Millennial travelers prefer to explore international locations over domestic destinations.Tip: Provide authentic local activity ideas in your Guest Welcome Book.
  • Gen X’ers (39-55) Family life shapes Gen X’s travel preferences, so the timing of their trips closely aligns with school calendars. Gen X is more likely to travel during summer vacations, spring breaks or long holiday weekends. 85% percent read reviews of places they want to visit before making a decision. 65% percent said they enjoy to fill their itinerary with museums, historical sites, and arts and culture. Tip: Provide useful amenities for parents on the go such as these 2 in 1 combos: high chair/booster and pack & play/change table. Be sure to mention kid-friendly art and cutural activities in your Guest Welcome Book.
  • Nearly every Baby Boomer (56-74) with disposable income, plans to travel for leisure in the next year, Boomers take the longest vacations, and only 54 per cent said budget was a primary factor on their last trip. Boomers prefer seamless travel booking and experiences. The majority of Baby Boomers prefer higher end vacation rentals and amenities. Tip: Provide an easy self-check-in, invest in quality linens, towels and a nice bottle of wine goes a long way to impress.
  • Gen Z (16-24) Open minded, mobile savvy and budget conscious travellers looking to cross off things on their bucket list. They prioritize travel over material possessions and 60% think that travel is always worth spending money. They are a daring bunch with 56% wanting an adventure experience from their travels, such as paragliding or bungee jumping and 52% planning on visiting or trekking to an extreme location. Tip: Provide hiking and exciting activity info about your area in your Guest Welcome Book.
  • Gen Alpha born after 2010, the children of millennials, are showing more signs of influencing family travel decisions, spending, and planning than previously thought, according to Expedia Group Media Solutions. Tip: Provide Family-friendly amenities and fun kids activities in your Guest Welcome Book.

Improve your Guest Experience

I hope these travel tips to help you to impress guests from every generation! For more hosting ideas check out my book The Ultimate Airbnb Superhost Guide which is part of a full bundle of goodies for Airbnb Hosts! There is even an editable modern welcome book, a check out printable and Wifi Sign included! Everything below is included for under $10 for a limited time!

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