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Airbnb Hosts| Top 3 Airbnb Travel Trends for 2020 (That You Should Know About!)

Knowing the latest Airbnb travel trends are important to your success. The Airbnb travel industry is evolving every year as more travelers switch from hotels to vacation rentals. Knowledge of new Airbnb booking trends for 2020 will help you to stay more competitive among other hosts. So, what are the travel trends and statistics for 2020 that hosts should be aware of to prepare for the next peak season? Read on to learn the top 3 travel trends of guests for 2020 and how to use them for making your Airbnb more successful!

2020 Airbnb Travel Trends

1. Sustainable Green Vacations

Airbnb travel trends are increasing for Eco-friendly listings. More and more guests are selecting accommodation that will help them care for the planet and reduce their carbon footprint. Let’s face it we all have to work together to become more eco-conscious citizens. Running our Airbnb’s in a more eco-friendly is a great way to start!  88% of Airbnb hosts around the world already incorporate eco-friendly practices into hosting, such as using natural cleaning products, providing recycling bins or encouraging guests to use public transportation or providing bicycles or even installing solar panels. Some green features are essential to offer, especially with the growing numbers of eco-minded travelers.

Airbnb Travel Trends

Airbnb Travel Trend Research

  • According to the sustainability travel report, “over half (55%) of global travellers report being more determined to make sustainable travel choices than they were a year ago, but barriers include a lack of knowledge and available or appealing options when trying to put this into practice.” ( 2019)
  • These sustainable decisions include accommodation. “73% of global travellers intending to stay at least once in an eco-friendly or green accommodation when looking at the year ahead.” ( 2019)
  • Additionally, 70% of global travelers say they would be more likely to book accommodation knowing it was eco-friendly, whether they were looking for a sustainable stay or not.” ( 2019)

Tip: Have a look at your own vacation rental and tweak your listing description to reflect any green measures you have taken. You’ll feel more responsible and your Airbnb will be more attractive to guests who also care about being eco-conscious. You’ll also get 5 stars from planet Earth! Here are some ideas that can help you create a greener space for guests.

Show guests with your listing that you are concerned about your impact on the environment. You can attract eco-friendly travelers to your listing with a catchy title like ” Beautiful eco-friendly Apt in Los Angeles” This will surely increase your bookings.

2. Family Holidays on the Rise

Family traveling has always been a staple to the annual program, but now family sabbaticals are influenced by the likes of Instagrammers such as @thebucketlistfamily and @travelling_family. Vacationing with young children is always a challenge for parents. You can make their vacation a lot easier by providing a place that is comfortable and safe for children. Family travel will be an important travel trend for 2020. Airbnb Travel Trends for families are one of the most important groups.

airbnb Travel Trends

Airbnb Travel Trend Research

  • “Given that by 2020 it’s estimated that roughly half the UK and American workforce will be freelance and that 40 per cent more children were being home-schooled in 2017 than in 2014 (48,000 in total), it’s no surprise that parents will be embracing the freedom this gives.” (CN Traveller 2019)
  • On average globally, travelers with Gen Alphas ( 0-9 year olds) are taking more than three family trips a year.” (Expedia Group 2019)
  • For family travellers, 95% said their priority was keeping their families entertained and happy, while deals and value (89%), outdoor activities (85%) and planning travel around school holidays (85%) or near major attractions or theme parts (85%) were also of utmost importance.” (Short Term Rentalz 2019)

Tip: Guests who are traveling with children are often concerned about the cleanliness of a property. Make sure to clean all surfaces that a toddler could come into contact with. Make sure to childproof the property. Install baby gates above the stairs and add covers to your electrical outlets. Pools should be gated and there should be child locks for cabinets in the kitchen and bathroom. Provide information about nearby family-friendly places such as public parks, zoos or science centers. Provide items that can be easily sterilized between uses, such as toys and baby furniture. Help your guests pack less by providing an umbrella stroller, highchair, and travel crib.

3. Solo Travellers on the Up

Solo travelers are an emerging group in the travel industry, as there are an increasing number of people who are single and not letting that stop them from visiting their favorite destinations. These solo travelers use the experience of travel in a different way though. Keeping up with Airbnb Travel Trends for solo travelers should be noted.

airbnb Travel Trends

Airbnb Travel Trend Research

  • Personal fulfillment sees travellers making their destination choice based on their own development. “Over half (56%) of global travellers agree traveling has taught them invaluable life skills, and 2019 will see a rise in people’s desire to learn something new whilst away, as well as an increase in volunteering and skills-based vacations across generations.” ( 2019)
  • According to data from Solo Traveler, which is commandeered by Janice Waugh and Tracey Nesbitt, the number of solo travelers is growing. For example, subscribers to their newsletter for solo travelers grew from 33,000 this time last year to over 50,000. (Travel Marketing Report 2019)
  • What can we expect from Solo Travel in 2020? According to The New Indian Express “We will see more travel companies going for the millennial travel segment as it explodes with more younger travelers than ever before. ” (The New Indian Express 2019)

Tip: Most solo travelers want to enjoy new experiences while they are abroad, and they focus on activities that allow them to be social and meet others. Provide a page of fun activity ideas for solo travelers in your guest welcome book.

Super charge your Guest Experience

I hope these 3 top travel trends help you to impress your guests for the upcoming year! For more hosting ideas check out my book The Ultimate Airbnb Superhost Guide which is part of a full bundle of goodies for Airbnb Hosts! There is even an editable modern welcome book, a check out printable and Wifi Sign included!

airbnb Travel Trends

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