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How to Make your Airbnb Eco-Friendly

Eco-friendly Airbnb travel is on the rise. More and more guests are selecting accommodation that will help them care for the planet and reduce their carbon footprint. 

Updated October 2021

Let’s face it we all have to work together to become more eco-conscious citizens. Running our Airbnb’s in a more eco-friendly is a great way to start!

Airbnb launched an initiative to promote local, authentic and sustainable tourism in countries and cities across the globe. They released the results of a study which found that 88% of Airbnb hosts around the world already incorporate eco-friendly practices into hosting, such as using natural cleaning products, providing recycling bins or encouraging guests to use public transportation or providing bicycles, or even installing solar panels. Some green features are essential to offer, especially with the growing numbers of eco-minded travelers. 

Your Airbnb’s Carbon Footprint

Think about how much waste your Airbnb produces from hosting in a year? What about in 10 or 20 years what will that combined waste look like? Will you have provided enough single-use toiletry bottles to fill a beach in the south pacific? Hopefully not, but by putting things into perspective we can try our best to reduce unnecessary plastics and energy while running a profitable eco-friendly Airbnb.

You don’t have to spend a fortune on solar panels and energy-saving appliances in order to attract eco-conscious tourists. Here are some relatively cheap ideas that can help you create a greener space for guests. You’ll feel more responsible and your Airbnb will be more attractive to guests who also care about being eco-conscious. You’ll also get 5 stars from planet Earth! ( I had too, sorry)

LED lights

Just the fact that these will save you money on your energy bill will be reason enough to change over to LED lights. They are inexpensive to buy, like $1 each, and last up to 10 years a bulb, which will save you calls from guests to change the lightbulbs. Eco-friendly Airbnb lighting is key.

Chemical-free/Plant-Based Cleaning products

Eco-tourists appreciate green products because they are better for the planet and also can be better for people who suffer from skin conditions and allergies. The good news is that most supermarkets now stock a few ranges of eco-friendly products including surface sprays and bathroom cleaners. As you may already know, I’m in love with Method cleaning products they smell wonderful and clean tough.

Plastic? No thank you.

Provide an on-tap Brita water filter or pitcher, instead of plastic water bottles. Try to forgo all plastic utensils and plates from your rental. Opt for greener solutions like sustainable wooden utensils, biodegradable plates, and recycled napkins.

Just Say No to Single-Use Toiletries

As much as I love the look and ease of single-use plastic toiletries, they are terrible for the environment. Public Goods is an AMAZING choice for all of your toiletries, dish soap, and cleaning products: Use my code MAMMAMODEPGA at checkout for -25% off your first purchase.


You can also provide a sturdy, long-lasting In-Shower Dispenser for Shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. Simply refill when needed. You can also supply an all-in-one bulk bottle of Everyone Soap that guests can use. You can also re-fill this when necessary. 

Eco-friendly Airbnb

Clear Place to Recycle and Compost

As you probably have experienced, If it’s not completely obvious, guests will just throw everything into the garbage or mix all recycling together. Make recycling easy for guests by having different colored bins in the kitchen. This will save you tons of time sorting out their recyclables. Some hosts will also set up a small composting bin in the kitchen that guests can put their food waste in. If you are going to do this, make sure guests know where to empty this outside or if you are sharing a home with them be sure to empty it regularly so it doesn’t smell! Eco-friendly Airbnb’s have clear places to recycle. I love this mint green recycling container! 


Canvas Shopping Bags

Help promote the reduction of plastic bags by providing guests with these useful canvas shopping bags to use during their stay. Some hosts like to purchase locally-branded bags (with their town’s name or even have bags made with their Airbnb name) and offer them as a welcome gift. For eco-conscious guests who care about the planet, this eco-friendly Airbnb gift will go a long way!

Eco-friendly Airbnb

Set a Cap on the Linens.

I think it’s fair to leave two towels, two washcloths and a hand towel per guest every 2 days. If they have access to a linen closet full of towels, bathrobes, and bath mats. They’ll overuse and you’ll overwash, which is more soap and water right? I’ve had guests blow through every towel in the linen closet simply because it’s there! If they need more towels they can message but 99% of guests will happily use what is provided.

Creating an eco-friendly space for travelers is something that should be mentioned in the opening paragraph of your description. I also recommend listing the specific details you’ve put in place to be ‘Eco-Friendly’. 

Eco-Friendly Signage

I’ve designed for hosts a modern ‘Eco-friendly’ sign bundle! Help guide guests to be mindful of the environment while they enjoy their stay! Let guests know that you are taking measures to be eco-friendly. These are 100% editable Canva Templates, you can easily modify a sign if needed to say turn off the gas fireplace or fans instead!

Click here to see them! 

Eco-friendly Airbnb





































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