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Having ready to go saved responses on your Airbnb App will save you hours of time. How many times have you scrambled to write a semi-grammatically correct message to a new booking? Over time as a host, you will find it’s the same sequence of messages that you will need to send to guests before, during and after their stay. The trick is to have perfectly written and timed responses that you can efficiently fire off at the right moment!

The Perfect Message

There is a certain formula for the ‘perfect message’ and luckily there is no need to write it out every time. Using my templates in the Airbnb saved responses tool in the app and save yourself so much time composing the same repetitive messages on the spot. You simply copy and paste your ‘saved responses’ into the icon in messages that looks like a page. Easy!

First, let’s look at the most important messages you will need to have saved. These are your go-to every booking sequence of messages that every guest should receive to feel welcomed and know that their comfort is important to their host.

Airbnb Saved Responses

There are 4 key messages that you will need to send at the right time for every new booking:

  1. Booking Confirmation = A friendly welcome message.
  2. 48 hours before arrival= Parking and Check-in Instructions.
  3. During Stay = A touch base message ‘hope you are enjoying your stay’ etc.
  4. Morning of Check-out= Check-out time-reminder and thank you message.

Tip: Messages should always be polite and welcoming and remember to change the guests’ names!

Airbnb Saved Responses

Saved Response #1 Booking Confirmation Greeting

This is your most important message. It sets the tone for your guests stay and helps them feel welcomed with a great first impression!


Hi (Name of Guest/Guests)

Thank you for booking with us! I’ll send you the full check-in information a (couple of days) before your arrival. The Check-in guide will be sent via Airbnb messages. I highly recommend all of my guests to download the useful Airbnb app before their stay. Let me know if you have any questions in the meantime. We can’t wait to host you! ( You both or your family, group etc)

Best, (Your Name)


Saved Response #2 Parking and Check in Instructions

Guests will need clear information on how to check-in to have a seamless check-in experience. Therefore, a great time saving idea is to create a check-in Guide. Your guide can be attached to any message by clicking the key icon in your messages bar. This feature extremely helpful for hosts, especially when you have self check-in and a lockbox. A good idea is to change the lockbox code with each guest. You can message them the day before with their personal code. This message you will be sending alot, so make sure to save this Airbnb saved responce.


Hi (Name of Guest/Guests)

Thank you again for booking with us! Check-In is from 3pm, do you have an estimated time of arrival? Our full check-in guide is attached below.

(Attach your Check-in guide)

Let me know if you have any questions! We look forward to hosting you ( You both or your family, group etc) 

Best, (Your Name)


How to create a Check-In guide on your mobile Airbnb App.

Make sure to include step-by-step instructions with photos about parking and how to enter your Airbnb.

1-Click on the SWITCH TO HOSTING section to be sure you are not in the traveling section.

2- Click on LISTINGS (House Icon on the bottom of the page).

3-Select the listing you want to add the check-in instructions

4- Once you open, there are 2 tabs, one that says Listing and the other says Booking Settings. Scroll down in the LISTING tab to GUEST RESOURCES.


6- There are  3 small dots on the right upper corner of the screen. Click on the 3 dots.

7- A pop-up window will open, click on edit check-in method it will open the pictures (steps) and you can click the “Pencil icon” on the top right corner of the picture.

8- Add step by step photos and instructions on how you want guests to Check-In. Try to be as detailed as possible

9- Click on the “PREVIEW” icon to see how the guest will see your instructions.

Saved Response #3 – 2nd Day Message

Once your guests have settled in and spent the first night, it’s a good idea to send a message in the morning to check that everything is going well. This gives guests a chance to mention anything that they need and shows that you a good host who genuinely cares about their comfort.


Hi (Name of Guest/Guests)

Good morning! I hope you are settled in and enjoying your stay.

Let me know if you need anything at all! 

Best, (Your Name)


Saved Response #4 Check-Out and Thank you

The morning of your guest’s departure, make sure to send a friendly message that reminds them of the check-out time and where to leave the key. It’s nice to also thank them for staying a wish safe travels. This is one of the most important Airbnb saved responses, as it is the final message before the review.


Hi (Name of Guest/Guests)

Good morning I hope you had a wonderful time in (Name of city) Check-out is at 11 am and you can just leave the key in the lockbox. Let me know if you have any questions and thank you again for staying with us! We hope to see you again and safe travels home today!

Best, (Your Name)


If your still getting messages like “What is the Wifi code” or “What time is Check-out” then your going to be spending more time communicating back and forth and guests will feel like they are wasting time on their vacation.

The Solution: Have a clear and Concise Welcome book in your Rental. This should cover everything possible that a guest could ponder and message you about. Use an easy to edit template and make your Airbnb look professional in minutes.

I am the author of the book ‘The Ultimate Superhost Guide’ an essential tool for Airbnb Hosts! The more you know about Airbnb, the more you will be able to use this knowledge to help you rank your listing higher in searches and become a Superhost. There is definitely a steep learning curve to Airbnb and it will cost you money and time to try to learn everything on your own. There’s so much more to know.

It’s available on Etsy Click here and make your hosting life easier!

P.S The Ultimate Superhost Guide comes with Freebies like a Modern and 100% Customizable Guest Welcome Book that will save you hours of time!

Airbnb Saved Responses

Airbnb Saved Responses

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