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Airbnb Welcome Book Template (That Your Guests Will Love)

An Airbnb welcome book template is the most important amenity for your Airbnb property. Most guests will be very appreciative of your time and effort to create a welcome book. It shows that you are a responsible host that cares about their comfort.

When guests know what to expect and they are more likely to be at ease and relax in your place. An Airbnb welcome book template is essential for setting the tone for an amazing stay. You can mention any quirks your place may have, add in tips about local restaurants and attractions and let them know the checkout time and process.

Benefits of an Airbnb Welcome Book

For guests, the Airbnb guestbook is the place to find all of the information that they need for staying at your Airbnb property. It is one of the most valuable amenities that most guests expect to find. Since every rental is different, guests need to know all the details once they arrive and your guestbook is the first place that they are likely to look.

For hosts, a clear and concise welcome book lets guests know what to expect with your rental. They are more likely to be at ease and relax in your place. You can mention any quirks your place may have, add in tips about local restaurants and attractions and let them know about the check-out process. Your Airbnb guest welcome book will save you headaches as guests will be less likely to message you with the same questions over and over.

Airbnb Welcome Book Template

Create an Impressive Airbnb Welcome Book

An Airbnb welcome book is so important for your property. You can design yourself a Guest welcome book, However, it can take significant effort to put together. Ideally, you want to present your Welcome Book in a modern and clean style. You can save yourself hours of time and use a ready-made Airbnb Welcome Book template.

Essential details that you should make sure to cover in your Welcome Book:

  • Parking Information
  • Guest Wi-Fi Password
  • Your Contact Info and the rental’s address
  • Emergency numbers
  • Check out procedure

There are a few more important sections that you should definitely include, which I will go into detail in the next section.

A Welcome Page

Write a short letter that is a warm welcome to your guests that makes them feel at home right away. You can find an example here. Make sure that the first few pages of your book contain the most important information that your guests need to know upon arrival. Guests may not read the entire welcome book so put the important information upfront. Otherwise, they will probably contact you for help.

Clear House Rules

You’ve likely already provided your house rules to your guests in the listing. However, make sure to reiterate the house rules in your Airbnb welcome book so that your guests can access them at any time during their stay. Then if there is a discrepancy or doubt, it is clearly written in front of them.

Keep the rules simple: No Smoking, no pets, no shoes in the house, no parties, no Guests other than on the original booking, courtesy quiet hour.

Tip: Don’t go overboard with rules, I had a friend stay at an Airbnb with 99 written rules, they would never stay there again!

Local Transportation Information

Make sure that your Airbnb guestbook also includes contact information, schedules, directions, and others related to local transportation in your area. Some options you might want to consider include Uber, taxi & airport shuttle services, bus, and train schedules.

Things to Do

You can provide a concierge service with your Airbnb welcome book. All travelers love to receive personal recommendations from the locals. Make sure that you include the website, address, and phone numbers of each place and activity so that your guests can easily find them.

Sections to include are:

Favorite Restaurants
Tourists Attractions (parks, museums, historical places)
Shopping and Groceries
Day Trip Ideas (Hiking, Winery, hot springs)
Fairs and Festivals (farmers’ markets, jazz fest, cheese fest)
Nightlife (bars, breweries, clubs, playhouse, live music)
Kid-friendly (science center, playgrounds, picnic spots)

Airbnb Welcome Book Template

How-to Instructions for Appliances and Electronics

You already know how to use all the items in your home, but what about your guests? Therefore, don’t leave your guests feeling annoyed because they can’t figure out how to adjust the thermostat or access wifi. Don’t assume they will figure it out.

Here are the most important items to write instructions for:

Thermostat (use a label maker on the thermostat as a visual reminder)
The entry process for the property (front-gate entry method, how to use smart locks)
Washer and Dryer
Kitchen Appliances: oven, microwave, coffee maker, garburator Etc
TV Remote and Netflix

Pro tip: Including how-to instructions for all the various appliances and electronics on your property will help you to avoid a bad review for an issue that could have been easily resolved.

Organizing Your Airbnb Guestbook

Given that this information might come in different formats, you should use a black or white small binder with plastic pages to keep all of the printed pages organized. For this reason, make sure to include a contents page so guests can access the parts of the Airbnb guestbook that they need. Also, you can also have it printed online in a magazine-style!

Where to Place Your Airbnb Welcome Book

To make sure that guests always have access to your Airbnb welcome book, place it in a highly visible spot, such as the kitchen counter or coffee table in the living room. You should also tell guests where they can find the welcome book once they arrive and remind them that it has all the information needed for their stay.

I am the author of the book ‘The Ultimate Superhost Guide’ an essential tool for Airbnb Hosts! The more you know about Airbnb, the more you will be able to use this knowledge to help you rank your listing higher in searches and become a Superhost. There’s so much more to know. The is definitely a learning curve to Airbnb and it will cost you money and time to try to learn everything on your own.

Save Time and Use a Template

I’ve created a 100% editable and customizable Airbnb guest welcome book that will save you hours of time creating from scratch! There are over 100 templates to pick from, so you can make it EXACTLY the way you want!

It’s available on Etsy Click here and make your hosting life easier!

Airbnb Welcome Book Template

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