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Create a Fun City Guide for your Airbnb Guests

A city guide for your Airbnb is a wonderful gift that you can leave guests to discover. Many guests stay in your Airbnb to experience something more personalized than a hotel. Often, a hotel will provide a welcome book with restaurants and attractions that businesses have simply paid to advertise. Therefore, I find it so satisfying to explore new places and hunt down the best local shops and activities and then share those with my guests. I came up with a super fun idea for hosts to make their own ‘city guides’. These can be printed online, or at a local printer and look like those modern and hip magazines that cost $15 at the bookstore. As a host, you are passionate about your city, and as a local, you have your favorite ways to spend your time enjoying that city, right?

Create Unique Adventures for your Guests

It’s pretty fun to be a tourist, and even better when a local gives you the adventure to follow in every part of the city! You can place your City Guide by the bedside table and make a great impression on your Airbnb guests! They can start getting inspiration on how to plan their days in your city. Why not share this knowledge with your guests in a fun and unique way? You can even add your logo and make it more branded to your Airbnb! For more about creating logos, you can discover these free logo makers. Your city guide for Airbnb guests will have all of the pages and section you see below:

City Guide

Make a Guide for Any City or Town

My easy to edit template can be changed to any city or town. You can edit it for free directly on Canva without any software needed. All you need to do is fill in your favorite places to Eat, Shop and activities to do in the different areas of your city. I’ve chosen three areas for my La. Guide example: The West Side, Downtown and the Hollywood area. You can add more pages or less as you need!

City Guide

I created the whole Magazine style City Guide within the Canva Website so that you can edit in any way. In addition, I’ve included links to my favorite sites to find free stock images. Above all, guests will feel that you’ve put in the effort to ensure they enjoy their stay to the fullest. Yes! I want to create a fun city guide for my Airbnb Guests! Click here to get started!

City Guide

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