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Create a 5-Star Welcome for Airbnb Self Check-In Guests

One of the best things you can do as a host is to make your guests feel welcome, the moment they walk through the door. Airbnb Self Check-In is great as not every host has the time (or desire) to wait around and personally meet every guest. So how can we welcome those weary travelers in other ways? Let’s look at some ideas that you can try, that will surely impress and welcome your Airbnb self check in guests. You want them to have the impression, you spent the effort to make their check-in as seamless and personalized as possible.

Airbnb Self Check-In

Are you a host who greets your guests personally and gives them a tour of the property every time? If so, your probably finding yourself waiting around for guests with delayed flights or those who stop on the road for dinner. For the first year of hosting I did exactly this. I was a newbie and I thought welcoming guests at the door would somehow ensure a 5 star review. Most guests were on time but others I would need to cancel plans depending on a guest’s ETA. After several guests who did not communicate arrival times or gave a vague ‘later afternoon’, I wanted to try something different: Self check-In. 

Some guests love being checked in but I felt others were uncomfortable and there was awkward chit-chat. I asked myself what do I prefer when I say at an Airbnb? My answer was self – check in so I decided to do an experiment and try self check-In for a month. I never went back.

To replace your personal tour, as sweet as it is, you simply need to create a clear step by step self-check-in guide via Airbnb, that you can set up with pictures. You simply attach it to the message you send you guests a couple days before they arrive.

I am all about Airbnb self-check-in. With self-check-in, guests’ can arrive anytime, without ‘feeling late’. If I see guests arriving, I may open the door and chat a few moments, but only if I want to.

Just get a key pad entry on your Airbnb door and your set.

Personalized Welcome note

I always leave a little card or a handwritten note for each guest. This may sound time-consuming but it’s not really. You can always pre-write your cards and then just add in the guests’ names at the top. You can even have the months’ worth of guest notes done and ready to go. You can date them and give them to your cleaning person too. I leave the note beside my guest welcome book, in a visible place like the kitchen table.

Keep it short and sweet, but personal and welcoming:

“Welcome, Claire and James! Thank you for choosing our Airbnb! We hope you have a wonderful time in San Diego! All the information about our Airbnb & area is in our Guest Welcome Book. Let me know if there is anything at all you need during your stay! Best, Andrea”

This note A. makes them feel welcome ( hey, what a great host) B. Lets them know where to find your Airbnb Guest book ( fewer questions) C. Makes them feel like you genuinely want them to have a comfortable stay (host is availabile if I need)

Tip: For Zero-waste Airbnb’s you can also make a one for all card that you laminate, to save on paper & it will last years.

Airbnb self Check-In

Welcoming Sign

When a guest walks in the door you want all 5 senses to be welcomed. The first is sight and a welcoming sign is an adorable way to say welcome to your ‘Home Sweet Airbnb’.

Airbnb self Check-In

Welcome Book with Local Tips

You know your area well, the best places to eat, the best day trip ideas and ways to spend a weekend. Your guests would LOVE to have your insider tips. You know how it is when you travel, if a local gives you a tip you know it’s going to be good! Once an Airbnb host in Seville, Spain told us about the best place for an authentic Flamenco show. It was an amazing evening, sans other tourists. Sharing is caring so make sure to have a welcome book that has:

  • Your favorite restaurants
  • Best- of sections: Best hiking spots, Art galleries, vintage shopping, etc
  • Fun day trip ideas
  • amily-friendly activities

The Airbnb welcome book is the most important amenity for your Airbnb property. Most guests will be very appreciative of your time and effort to create a welcome book. It shows that you are a responsible host that cares about their comfort. A Guest Welcome Book is essential for setting the tone for an amazing stay. When guests know what to expect and they are more likely to be at ease and relax into your place.

You can create as many pages as you need with an Etsy guestbook template, that will save you hours of time designing it- Easy!

Airbnb self Check-In

Welcome Basket/ Bottle of wine

Providing extra amenities will really make a difference in your vacation rental reviews. Nothing is better after a long day of travel than to find a basket of snacks and goodies! If a guest is paying $100 a night this is not much of an expense for higher ratings and repeat bookings. It helps during high season to have these items ready in bulk, so you aren’t always running out to the store to buy things last-minute.

Your Airbnb self Check-In guests will love to find a basket of treats!

I leave a welcome basket filled with snacks for every guest. I’ve managed to scale it to be about $5 a booking, here’s what I provide. A basket with sweet, salty and gluten-free snacks is best, so everyone can find something to enjoy. Guests’ who mention celebrating a birthday or honeymoon also get a bottle of wine.

Tip: For zero-waste Airbnb’s you can also buy some small airtight glass+ bamboo containers that you refill with bulk food snacks.

Airbnb self Check-In

There you go, with these tips you can provide your Airbnb guests a 5-star self-check experience!

I am the author of the book ‘The Ultimate Superhost Guide’  an essential tool for Airbnb Hosts! The more you know about Airbnb, the more you will be able to use this knowledge to help you rank your listing higher in searches and become a Superhost. There’s so much more to know. There is a learning curve to Airbnb and it will cost you money and time to try to learn everything on your own. It’s also a great way to brand your Airbnb!

It’s available on Etsy Click here and makes your hosting life easier!

P.S The Ultimate Superhost Bundle comes with a modern and customizable Guest Welcome Book that will save you hours of time creating from scratch!

airbnb self check-in

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