DIY Beaded Christmas Candles

DIY Holiday candles that look chic and boutique, but cost nothing to make. These can be made literally in a few minutes for about $2! They require nothing more than a pair of candle sticks, pins and 15-20 Tibetan spacer beads (new obsession). I love the contrast of the moss green and the silver beads. The candles look stunning in red and you can create a nordic vibe in white. These make beautiful Christmas presents wrapped in tissue with a single ribbon.


  1. Pair of dollar store tapered candles
  2. Tibetan silver spacer beads (70 pc pack from amazon is enough to make 4 pairs of candles)
  3. White Ball headed pins
  4. Optional: Crystal candlesticks


1. Lay out your candles on a piece of paper  2. Place pins through the center holes of the beads.3. Press the pin and bead into the candle, you want to pin at a downward angle into the candle (rather than straight across, to prevent it from popping out the other side) use your thumb to apply the pressure to press it slowly in. 4. Space the beads around the candle as you like, mixing big and small beads to give a nice fresh look.That’s it your done! How easy was that? Now you can enjoy your holiday table decorating, they look gorgeous in crystal candlesticks!

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  • Susan k.
    December 4, 2017 at 7:24 AM

    Oooo I like it . Totally making these!


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