DIY Mini Trees

These DIY felt Mini Trees are adorable and can be made in less than an hour. I used Tibetan spacer beads, which are inexpensive and have a very ornamental look. Colored Ball headed pins hold the bead to the tree and you can move them around. (You could also hot glue the Beads onto the tree if you prefer) The base and trunk are cut pieces of a branch, which you can make yourself or there are some nice ‘ready cut’ options on ETSY. The trees also look great in plain green and white and also together in groups.


  1. Tibetan Silver spacer beads
  2. 1 sheet of felt
  3. Ball head pins
  4. Hot glue gun 
  5. Wooden round for base 2-3 inch, and small sticks for base
  6. Matching thread, and a bit of batting 
  7. Chopstick for stuffing the tree
  8. Sewing machine

First click to download the simple pattern :Mini Tree Pattern

  1. You have two options for the base. You can drill a hole in the center of your wooden round, place a few drops of wood glue and insert the stick. Option two is to hot glue the stick directly onto the wooden round (without drilling)

2. Lay out your cut pattern onto the felt or fabric and cut 2 pieces.

3. Place together and pin. Machine stitch the edges together, indenting about 1 inch on each side at the bottom (this helps when turning the tree right side out)

4. Take care when stitching the top to make a nice point.

5. Clip off the extra fabric at the pointed angles, this helps when turning to get a nice point.

6. Turn right side out and use the chop stick to help pop out the tree’s corners.

7. Stuff with batting and chopstick to pack in the stuffing into the corners. Now make a space for the tree trunk using the chopstick to work a hole in the center about half way up.

8. Mark the center with a pin and fold in the bottom edges, to prepare for hand sewing closed.

9. Start to hand sew from one side of the bottom, until you get to the center pin. Now place the tree trunk inside the tree about half way up. Add more stuffing as needed (I find the tree trunk pushes some up and you need to add more to the bottom. Hand stitch the bottom closed.

10. Place pins through the Tibetan bead spacers and insert directly onto the tree. Brighter pin colors give a pretty color pop.

11. Space out your beads around the tree , you can easily move them around until you get the look you want . If hot glueing, drop a bit of hot glue at the base of the pin and drop the bead down.

And your done! How adorable is this little tree!

Thanks to share if you loved making this little tree as much as I did! You can pull out the pins after christmas and display the tree year round, it looks cute on a book shelf or in a nursery.

Keep out of reach of small children and babies, it’s best displayed higher up on a mantle or shelf.

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  • Louise
    November 18, 2017 at 6:46 AM

    These are Gorgeous! I didn’t know spacer beads could be used in such a creative way!


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