DIY Floral Crown for Spring!

An easy and quick DIY Floral Crown just in time for spring! I found these beautiful waterlily and rose silk flowers in a second-hand store and I knew that they would make the perfect floral crown! I went home and tried to devise a way to make the crown as comfortable and lightweight as possible. I settled on a stretchy fabric headband and it worked perfectly, my baby even forgot it was on! I was making her a Frida Kahlo costume at the time and she wore the crown for the entire afternoon (without ripping it off!) that is headband goals! This floral crown is incredibly easy to make and would be a lovely gift for a flower girl to wear and keep. You can also make them for yourself or friends for bridal or baby showers.


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Here is the finished Floral Crown. It should take about 15-20 minutes to complete.

Lay out all your flowers and decide how you want to style them onto the headband. You want both sides to mirror each other so decide what will work best with your flowers.

You’ll want to cut down your flower stems with a pair of sharp scissors so that they lay flat on the headband.

Choose your center flower and take a threaded needle and starting from under the headband, sew right through the hollow flower stem and out the center of the flower.

Once the needle is through the flower, make a stitch slightly to the side and then sew back down through the petals this time (You can see better in the next photo). Do this a few more times to secure the flower in place.

Add you second flower in close to the first and sew in the same way onto the Floral Crown.

Take your third flower ( this time I switched from the waterlilies to the rose)

Continue with all your flowers until your complete! Really it’s that easy!

And your Floral Crown is finished! Thank you to share this post if you enjoyed it!


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  • Amanda
    April 6, 2018 at 11:55 AM

    What a neat idea! This is perfect for spring pictures! 😍


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