This adorable DIY cloud toy with raining ribbons and a sweet smile is sure to become a favorite with the baby you make it for! The sensory ribbons are a great for baby’s hands to explore and play. This makes a wonderful shower gift or project for your baby’s nursery. You can even embroider the baby’s name on the back of the cloud for an extra special touch. I tried a few different versions of the pattern and settled on the one in the link, its easiest to turn after sewing and easiest for baby to hold.

Tip: Make sure to use a quality Merino wool felt and your cloud will only get softer with time.



Project time: less than an hour.

Print our Happy Cloud Pattern Here.

Lay out the cloud pattern on the felt and cut out 2 pieces.Embroider the face  as you like on the cloud using a double thickness of black thread.To line up the ribbons without measuring, simply place the middle ribbon and the side ribbons.

Now add in the rest of the ribbons, spacing as needed.Once you have the ribbons in place, turn them up to the inside and pin. Sew a couple lines close to the bottom edge,  across these ribbons to secure them very well to the felt (so baby can’t pull them off)

Place the other piece of felt on top and sew all around the cloud leaving about 2.5 inches open for turning . Optional add a loop at the top of ribbon if you want to hang the cloud from the ceiling or pin to the wall. (I used a piece of metallic elastic in the photo)Turn the cloud inside out and use a pencil or chopstick to add the stuffing.Hand sew the opening closed.Now your cloud finished and will be wonderful keepsake for your baby!

If you want your cloud to be extra cute (yes it’s possible!) add rosy cheeks with a bit of pink felt cut into circles and stitched on.Stay tuned for the matching Sunshine tutorial coming soon!