Easy Baby and Toddler Meals!

It’s nearing lunchtime, your baby or toddler is hangry and you open the fridge and see nothing! You look for a baby food pouch and all that’s left are fruit and they ones they don’t like…let’s avoid this scenario! Here is the simplest way to prepare a quick baby toddler lunchtime meal in 3 minutes! These are a lifesaver to have on hand in the freezer when you get in the door at lunchtime! This method is much more healthier and tastier than any baby squeeze pouches and better for the environment. I always found that you can take into restaurants and they will happily will reheat up for you!

How to make easy baby and toddler meals

Step 1: Freeze in ice-cube trays leftovers from your everyday meals, you can make vegan or vegetarian if you prefer. Once frozen transfer to Separate zip lock freezer bags. Use within one month of freezing.

Brown rice or white rice

Canned black beans or any beans (mashed or puréed if for baby)

Puréed veggies – any kind

Homemade Chicken or veggie stock

Purée leftover roast chicken, baked fish or tofu (just purée with a little stock or water to blend a little)

Tomato pasta sauce or Bolognese (great for adding flavor)

Step 2: Pop in whatever combination you like into a small sauce pan with a couple of broth cubes and heat on low for 5 or so minutes. Let cool and serve!

You can add cooked stars pasta instead of rice, a little cheese or yogurt to change the flavors up! Your baby will love the real flavors and these super healthy and balanced meals!

How to purée roast chicken, beans, fish and tofu in a baby food maker

Step 1: chop and place in baby food maker

Step 2: Add a little broth and blend 20 seconds

Step 3: Freeze in ice-cube trays and then transfer to freezer zip lock bags. Easy!

Make sure to use BPA free Ice cube trays or baby food trays when freezing. To purée this baby food maker is amazing! Many subscribers have asked about the Wedgewood Peter Rabbit plate set it’s adorable, on sale and such a keepsake for your baby!

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