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Feedback Form for Airbnb Guests + Template

Feedback form for Airbnb guests. This is the best way to learn new suggestions and enhance guest comfort! With this knowledge, you can improve your vacation rental for the next guests.

As hosts, we all want our guests to be happy and satisfied. But the reality is that for all the 5-Star reviews you may have, most guests don’t want to complain or bother their hosts, especially for those minor, yet annoying things.

A feedback form that invites guests to comment, shows that you care about their stay! It is so helpful to know any issues so you can improve for the next guest.

So how can you find about guest issues and improve for the future?  Let’s find out!

Communicate with Airbnb Guests

The best way to find out if your guests are happy is to keep the communication open throughout their stay. Reach out to them a few hours after they check-in and ask them directly if they are comfortable:

Hi Jane, Welcome to our home and we hope you are all settled in! If there is anything you need to feel more comfortable. Please don’t hesitate to call or text me, thanks, Andrea

Touch base again every few days with a thoughtful message:

Hi Jane, We hope you are enjoying your stay. We are here if you need anything to make your stay more comfortable, cheers, Andr

My friend is in an Airbnb now actually, where she says the heat is a little low and there are a lot of spiders. They aren’t exchanging messages with her, and she would never complain, but as a host, you would want to know right?

feedback form for Airbnb guests

Feedback from Airbnb Guests

We know that customer’s opinions and feedback are important because we depend on those 5-star ratings! Once a guest feels more comfortable, because you have asked them several times, they will probably let you know if there are any issues. But, for every guest that does complain, 10 more stay silent. This is why you need to leave Guests a Feedback form.

Companies and hotels are always asking you to fill out feedback forms. Learning what needs to be improved, is an essential part of any company’s growth and success. 

There could be a lot of annoying things happening. Maybe the toaster you bought last year, now just burns toast, or the sink drips all night or the shutters bang in the wind…

feedback form for Airbnb guests

What to Ask: Airbnb Feedback Form

A well-designed feedback form will get you plenty of answers from your guests. Keep it simple, to the point and your guests will be happy to share anything to help you improve. You might learn something you had no idea that your guests were experiencing like this:

Hi! We loved our stay, the only thing I can think of was that the heat was a little low, we found it a tad chilly at night. There were also lots of spiders? Maybe because of the rain! Anyways minor things, we loved our stay!

Then before the next guests arrive, turn up the heat a little and evict the spiders (catch and release of course)

Ask Intentional Questions

The best way to be intentional is to cut down the numbers of questions so you only ask those that have the clear objective of understanding your customers’ experience with your website, product or service. The fewer questions you ask that will get you to this goal, the better. 

Well-designed Airbnb Feedback Form

Even if you’re not a designer, there are some basic design principles that you can follow to make your feedback form easy to use and visually appealing to your Guests. 

  • Leave plenty of white space: Keep it visually clean so that people don’t feel it’ll be time-consuming and difficult to fill in.
  • Use a logical flow: Follow an order so that you’re asking about the interaction in the same flow as it’s experienced.
  • Free space to write comments: Letting guests write freely by including a “free text” box is a great idea to let them write about things you might not have necessarily anticipated.

In saying that, I’ve designed a modern and inviting guest feedback form for you. It’s ready to go as a printable (Prints 2 per page) or you have the option to edit it on Canva with your Vacation rental name for example! Looks great on a clipboard and you can find it here!

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