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Genius Hack to Get Airbnb Guests to Leave Shoes at the Door

As a host, getting your Airbnb guests to follow the no-shoes rule can sometimes be a challenge. I only have a few house rules and ‘no shoes in the house’ is the first. Often, when showing the suite I noticed that guests would just keep their shoes on. It kind of makes me cringe when guests ignore this rule. But, it felt awkward to put guests on the spot and point out the no-shoes rule. so, how do you tactfully ask Airbnb guests to leave shoes at the door?

Does this sound familiar?

Having your house rules in the listing and written in the house guide is great, but… They still kept shoes on most of the time. I thought of a genius hack to gently remind guests in a humorous and light way, to leave their worries and shoes at the door. Now when guests walk in, a cute framed little sign is there 24/7 to help keep this rule (and your floors) intact. Now you can ask Airbnb guests to leave shoes at the door without actually ‘asking’ them!

You can find here it on Etsy, simply print it and put it in a frame and your worries about guests wearing shoes can be left at the door too!

Etsy printable sign that says Please leave your shoes at the door


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