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Glimpse Gives Hosts Free Luxury Products to Maximize Guest Experience!

Update 12.01.12 Glimpse has rebranded as a fashion site and is no longer offering hosts free products or working in that sector. Sadly! it was really amazing, I’m working on a new article about a similar company that offers a similar site that gives free products to hosts- stay tuned!

Glimpse is an amazing opportunity for hosts! These days, more than ever, Guests want convenience and all the comforts during their stay…and brands are lining up to give hosts FREE products to help enhance their amenities!

You know that feeling when you learn about something and it is so amazing that you want to tell everyone? I experienced this recently when I discovered Glimpse, a tech startup that helps vacation rental hosts connect with brands who are offering luxury products… for free! 

I first came across Glimpse the same way I find a lot of my other favorite tools for Airbnb hosts: by scrolling through Instagram. A few hosts in my network had posted about premium amenities that they received for free.

My experience with Glimpse

I was excited to learn more and see what kind of products I could offer my guests. When I saw my followers using Glimpse this sparked my curiosity, I signed up in one minute and was approved within 48 hours. The Glimpse Marketplace, filled with all kinds of luxury brands like pillows, sheets, weighted blankets, and even treadmills, did not disappoint! I easily onboarded and applied to campaigns and just received my first product in the mail. This was such an awesome experience that I wanted to share this with as many STR hosts as possible. 

Free Products for Airbnb Hosts

What is Glimpse?

I reached out to the Glimpse team to learn more and met with their “Growth & Strategy Lead” Andres Arellano over Zoom. He was clearly very passionate about helping hosts elevate their guest experience. As someone who loves hacks and the smart way around hard things, it was refreshing to discover how easy it is to use their free platform and start receiving free products immediately. As many of you may be curious about doing this for your own property, I decided to put together a guide to show you exactly how easy it is to sign up and start getting free products too!

Free Products for Airbnb Hosts

How Does Glimpse Work?

Glimpse partners with luxury brands to place products in STRs, at no cost to hosts. Their goal is to introduce a new marketing channel for brands while unlocking value to hosts by giving them access to amazing products, for free, which provides an elevated experience to guests. As a host, Glimpse is an AMAZING resource to best in class amenities in your property, which drives better reviews, ratings, and in turn higher occupancy. 

What Can I Get?

Maybe you have been thinking about adding some high-end amenities but are not sure of what your guests really want. Glimpse only partners with brands that are proven to delight guests in an STR. There are so many creative and beautifully hand-picked products that you can request,  ranging from luxury bamboo sheets and fitness equipment to smart devices that help guests sleep better…like these products below:




Wow! How Do I Sign Up! 

Signing up to Glimpse is easy. You simply sign up and upload your property(s) in less than a minute. You then can start browsing the library of brands offering free products, and click to request them! It’s 100% free for hosts. If the brand selects your Airbnb or VRBO to showcase their product, there are no shipping costs, you honestly get the items in your hands for free! 

Why are Brands Giving Away Products?

What better way to showcase a product than to have it displayed in your beautiful STR?  This way, guests can first-hand experience, try, and fall in love with an item, outside of a traditional retail set-up. Brands are loving this model and a lining up to be showcased by hosts through Glimpse. And, every month at least 6 new brands will be added to products you can request and get for free! 

Is there any cost to join Glimpse?

No. You receive free products, in return to comply with the brand requirements. This usually means placing the item in your property for the predetermined term, placing any additional marketing materials (like placards or an info card) that are outlined in the offer, and ensuring the quality of the product and materials for the full term of the placement. In exchange, you receive luxury products and additional rewards from the brands and from Glimpse! Your guests are happier and impressed with the extra amenities!


Do I have to return the product?

No. Once you receive the product it is yours!

What if a guest steals the products? Do I have to pay for them?

In the event of this happening, you are not liable for the product. You will need to file a report and verify with us that this actually happened. Ideally, the guest pays it back or replaces the product. If not, we will decide to send you another product based on where the brand stands.

Can I Refer Other Hosts?

Yes! Glimpse is growing rapidly, for every hosting friend that is accepted to the platform, Glimpse will credit your account $75, and theirs $25 which you can both redeem for an Amazon gift card or use to get more products on the platform for your own Airbnb! We all know a hosting friend who would love this! 


Offering luxury amenities is an AMAZING way to increase your reviews and bookings while also making the guest experience more enjoyable. If you’re looking for a user-friendly, and fun platform to get free products and premium amenities, pop over and check out Glimpse for yourself here, it takes only one minute!



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