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House Rules for Airbnb Guests with a Free Canva Template!

Now that many of us hosts are opening our homes again to guests, it’s easy to feel a little wary about hosting during a pandemic and especially cleaning after guests. House rules for Airbnb guests are so important, but I was feeling a little more concerned about ‘cleaning’ and how my guests were going to check-out of my vacation rental during a Pandemic.

Write Extra House Rules

I decided there should be a few ‘extra’ house rules for this period until the vaccine is available. A few guidelines that you can set for guests for your peace of mind and protection. This will naturally also benefit and put at ease the current guests checking in and every future guest. It will also cut down on uncertainty as to what was used and what needs deeper cleaning.

House Rules for Airbnb Guests

What Extra Rules Are Needed?

Write down the things that will make you feel comfortable. For example, when you go into clean you can ask guests to wipe down high touch surfaces and doorknobs before leaving. Let your guests know that you expect them to follow these rules and put them in your guest welcome book. You can also send it in a message after they book and on the day of check-in. House rules for Airbnb guests are there to make both you and your guests feel safer.

Clever House Rule Ideas

Trott Cottage is a sought after lakefront A-Frame in Muskoka, Ontario. There are no shortages of guests & they have implemented some very clever ideas in their house rules. Do you want to wash all the bed linens or a large wool blanket after each guest? Probably not.

Heres what the hosts say:

“We are implementing these rules for our safety as well as yours. Most of you know, we do the turnovers ourselves and bring the laundry home to our house. We expect our guests to respect our health and safety as much as we will work hard for you between check-ins. If you or a fellow guest is sick prior to arrival, we expect you to cancel your stay and we will issue a full refund. We are anticipating the best rental season we have ever had! But we all need to work together to protect each other – Trott Cottage”

The House Rules:

  • We will only be dressing the beds that will be used (as opposed to all 5, every turnover). For example; one couple is checking in, the master bedroom is made. Not the loft beds.
  • The bunkie will be closed unless specially requested prior to the check-in date.
  • Bringing your own pillows is suggested but not required. We will provide laundered pillows.
  • We will still provide towels. All used towels must be placed in a plastic bag and tied.
  • Blankets on the loft ladders. If used, leave them on the couch. Otherwise, if they are still on the ladder after you check out, we will know not to unnecessarily launder them.
  • Floor mats, lifejackets, and outdoor chair cushions will be Lysol sprayed after every guest.
  • Leather couches and chairs will be wiped down after every guest.
  • Guests are required to Lysol wipe every doorknob and high touch surface prior to checking out.
  • All garbage and recycling are to be placed into one bag and tied. 7-day guests must take all garbage to the landfill 4 mins down the road.

Free House Rules Template

Every host’s rules will be unique. To simplify this, I’ve created a freebie for you! My ‘house rules’ template that you can download for free and edit with Canva. Print it, frame it, or put it in your welcome book! You can grab it here! Edit your own house rules for Airbnb guests that pertain to the Covid-19 era! Enjoy!

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