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How to Brand your Airbnb on Instagram as Eye Candy

Topping 500 million monthly users, Instagram has become an insanely effective marketing tool for vacation rental sites. Instagram is one of the fastest ways to share your Airbnb’s best features and amenities. You have a beautiful property with unique features, now its time to share it with the world. A Picture says a thousand words.

Create an instagram Profile

You may already have your own Instagram profile, but you really need to make one specifically for your Airbnb to start to brand your image. In the about section place the link to your lisiting on Airbnb for direct access to booking. A great photo of your property can hook viewer in and activates their imagination.

Promoting your Airbnb on Instagram

Airbnb owners are increasingly using Instagram to get a leg up on competitors. They’re branding their Airbnbs’ by using the power of imagery. The best Instagrammers’ always add some life into their images. A slightly undone quality creates an element of dreamy imperfection and reminds the viewer that there’s an authentic vibe to the home. An unmade bed, with an open book for instance, might not look good on a listing site, but it could get hundreds of ‘likes’ on Instagram.

Tag, Tag and… Yes Tag some More

People look for images via hashtags. When you hashtag, anyone looking for anything similar to your hashtag will see you. For example, always Airbnb. Anyone looking for all things related to Airbnb will see your beautful house. You can add a maximum of 30 tags on each instagram photo.

Try to take dreamy and artsy pictures of your property and post a few times a week. Load your images up with specific hashtags that potential guests will search and click on such as:

#nameofyourairbnb #(the name of your city)#visit(the name of your city) #(nameofyourcounty) #weekendgettaway #vacationrental #airbnb #airbnbhost #airbnbsuperhost #newairbnb #travelphography #travel #(name of any attractions near you) #(name of any beaches near you)

You can also use more niche specific hashtags such as:

#bohostyle #Midcenturymodern #cabinlife #coastalliving #interiordesign #beachhosedecor #bohemianstyle #luxuryairbnb #mountainretreat

Also try using use the hashtags of the top interior design bloggers if your style is similar to theres:

#apartmenttherapy #jungalow #designsponge #freshhome #homewithrue #lizmarieblog #designmilk #Designsponge

Ask each New Guest to follow you on Instagram

Ask all of your guests to follow you on Instagram before they even arrive and they will continue to see your posts well after they check out. When guests see cozy, comfortable posts they are likely to book your Airbnb again and again. Instagram is great for inspiring rebookings!

Decorate Beautifully

One way to stand out is by having a bright, fresh interior, with strong splashes of color in your accesorries. It’s Instant Instagram eye candy. Take close-ups of beautiful objects and smaller details. Up the brightness and saturation slightly to make colors pop!

Attribute all the Things you Buy to the Brand

Give some credit where credit is due to the source of where you bought the décor in your photos. For example, if many of your accessories come from West Elm credits them when appropriate with a @westelm. It’s like free advertising for West Elm. Here’s the good part: West Elm may return the favor and possibly regrams your post, whereby your Airbnb instagram could get a ton of West Elm followers. Marketing can’t really get better than that.

Post at Least Once or Twice a Week

The more posts you have, the larger your audience becomes. The possibilities are sky high. People don’t get tired of seeing your fabulous pad. As long as you keep your photos original, there are hundreds of ways to photograph a living room, bedroom, kitchen, dining room or other feature of your Airbnb.

Always Keep Learning

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  • Lucienne
    February 9, 2019 at 2:27 AM

    Hi Andrea,
    Love your post as always, I have not started an Instagram account for my listing but you have inspired me to do so! I really need to get my listing views up and having fun doing it makes it all the more easier.
    Looking forward to your next post!

    • Andrea
      February 9, 2019 at 6:52 PM

      Thanks Lucienne! It’s fun doing the weekly Instagram post for your Airbnb! Make sure to show little details and really cozy shots. We sometimes post local attractions and hikes in our area too 🙂

  • Renske
    February 15, 2020 at 1:13 AM

    Hi Andrea, thanks for your post, amazing inspiration! Side question: I completely fell in love with the pink/beige rug on the photo in the paragraph ‘Ask each new guest…’ – do you have any idea where it’s available, or alternatively which Airbnb listing it is?

    • Andrea
      February 23, 2020 at 2:37 AM

      Hey it’s from Etsy a few years back, try searching ‘vintage Persian rug’ or ‘pink beige rug’ on Etsy. There are also lots of vintage Turkish rugs in Etsy that are really beautiful and cost a fraction 🙂 hope that helps!


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