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How to Create The Perfect Eco-Friendly Airbnb Bed

Updated May 2020

Learn how to create the perfect Airbnb bed of your guests’ dreams! A place they can melt into after a long trip, and rave about in your reviews. I’ve run my Airbnb for several years, and in that time I have tried many different brands of towels, sheets, and pillows. An Airbnb’s linens need to be above all high quality, and durable to withstand repeated washing, bleaching, and drying. Our Airbnb has 85% occupancy with usually 2-4 night stays. In saying that, I want my linens to be fresh and clean smelling always. I don’t overstock my linen closet.

Fresh Linens

This is my Airbnb bed linens rotation to avoid stale sheets sitting around in a closet: 3 sets of sheets per bed (one on the bed, one in the wash and one in the closet) This way, you won’t need to stress and rush to clean the sheets before the next guest checks in. My Airbnb bed linens are getting washed many times per month. A couple of linen brands have stood out and survived beautifully, getting softer and cozier after hundreds of washes. I wanted to share these amazing brands, and leave out the brands that are now my drop sheets for when I paint.

airbnb bed
Photo by Anita Yokota

What Guests Appreciate

When shopping for linens and mattress, you need to think of what guests will appreciate in an Airbnb bed. I’ve used affiliate links to my favorite items for ease, all recommendations I personally use in my own Airbnb. Your guests will appreciate the attention to detail you’ve put into your Airbnb bed!

Spotless and Clean

For this reason, I only use white bedding. Patterned or colored linens can feel dirty and hold hidden stains. Think of how you feel when you check into a hotel and there is a patterned cover on the bed or dingy towels. Cringe. White just makes sense with an Airbnb bed and you can bleach them! I personally want to know of any stains and treat them right away, and guests appreciate this guarantee of clean.

airbnb bed
Photo by Anita Yokota

Quality Cotton Bedding

Quality, soft linens are appreciated by guests. No one wants to sleep on cheap, thin sheets with polyester fuzz balls. In saying that, don’t be fooled by the cost some brands are asking for luxury linens and towels. I don’t want to pay a fortune for linens, and I don’t think other hosts do either.

MY absolute favorite 400 thread count 100% Cotton bed linens are by California Design Den. They are made ethically in India in a certified, socially compliant and awarded factory that supports more than 300 working families.

The sheets are a satin weave, created with pure, superfine Indian cotton yarns with eco-friendly dyes and finishing materials. They are manufactured in India in a certified green faculty. They are certified standard 100 by Oeko-Tex, free from harmful chemicals. The sheets are even stitched by hand by skilled artisans. And they do not cost much on Amazon, a queen sheet set with pillowcases is only around $35. And they are often -15% off, score! The matching white duvet set, you can find here.

airbnb bed
Photo by Anita Yokota

Eco-Friendly, Natural and Non-Chemical Mattress

There are lots in the news these days about the dangers off-gassing mattresses and harsh cancer-causing chemicals found in beds and bedding. Guests are aware of this too, so make sure to boast about the eco-conscious choices you have made for your Airbnb bed. Imagine If your listing could say: “Organic natural mattress and OEKO-TEX Green certified bedding” Mattresses are often filled with toxins. For a safe, comfortable (and dreamy) mattress, I personally recommend the Avocado Green Mattress guests always mention how comfortable the beds are.

Tip: Always Use a waterproof, hypoallergenic and OEKO-TEX Certified mattress protector to protect your investment.

Modern Platform Bedframe

The bed frame we use is rustic pine by Alexa by Zinus and it’s been great. The built-in wood slats take away the need for a box spring, that gives a modern, clean and low profile look to your Airbnb bedbed.

airbnb bed
Photo by Anita Yokota

Comfortable Pillows

Some guests like soft pillows, others prefer hard, flat or feather. I try to have something for everyone by providing 4 different pillows per bed. There’s nothing worse than having the cheapest pillows on your Airbnb bed that disrupt a guest’s sleep. My Favorite Pillow Picks:

Tips: Don’t forget to use a waterproof pillow protector. Anything can happen and you need these to keep your pillows sanitary. These OEKO-TEX Certified pillowcase protectors have a terrycloth feel and wash up great.

Modern Throw Pillows

Once you have that luxurious clean layer of white bedding down, feel free to add some texture and pattern with a few throw pillows. Mask sure they are washable with pillow covers that can be zipped off easily. Honestly, I don’t wash the Airbnb bed throw pillow covers after each guest, I do this only when needed to preserve the colors. My choice for pillow covers and inserts are by Woven nook, they are 100% cotton, with one faux leather that is fun to play with on the bed or couch. I found washing them in cold and hanging to dry keeps them beautiful and fresh looking. Pick up these awesome 4 Mud cloth inspired Pillow covers to add freshness to your Airbnb bed.

airbnb bed

Stripped Throw Blanket

A nice striped throw blanket will really tie the whole Airbnb bed together. Guests can use it to curl up with when reading books in bed. For a queen-sized bed, you want it at least 70x 50 to cover the bottom half of your Airbnb bed. I also find a throw blanket covers some of the wrinkles in your duvet cover. I use the Ikea Tuvalie throw, It’s been washed probably 50 times and looks great. There are also lots of nice Turkish cotton options from Le Looma on Amazon.

airbnb bed

How to Care for Your Sheets

To launder your Airbnb bed sheets, and extend their life, use a regular wash cycle and tumble dry low. Remove your sheets from the dryer right after the cycle ends to keep wrinkles at bay. Do not over-dry the sheets and bake the sheets in the dryer.

  • Remember quick-dry, don’t fry! Over drying sheets makes them rough and have excessive wrinkles
  • Use only non-chlorine bleach
  • Wash separately from the rest of your laundry, which can cause snags and pilling.
  • Rotate sets to extend the life of your linens
  • Store your sheets inside one of the pillowcases to keep them organized
  • After washing remove from the dryer asap to reduce wrinkles
  • Iron the pillowcases and duvet cover on the warm setting for that brand-new look and feel.

Save Time on Laundry

A great thing I discovered recently was wool dryer balls, these cut down the dry time needed and help lower electricity costs associated with laundering. These dyer balls from New Zealand are eco-friendly, All-natural, healthy and chemical-free. Wool Dryer balls are alternative liquid fabric softeners and dryer sheets that are fragrance-free and hypoallergenic.

I hope these tips will help you to create an amazing Airbnb bed and sleep experience for your guests to rave about in their reviews! For more tips on being an amazing Airbnb Host check out my book the Ultimate Superhost Guide and Etsy Shop for modern and useful printables for your Airbnb!

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