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How to Explode your Airbnb Bookings

The more bookings and 5 star review the more money you make and the higher your listing will be in the search. In this article, I’ll show you some techniques to improve your listing’s ranking and explode your Airbnb Bookings!

1. Have a Complete Listing and Descriptive Title. Be as descriptive as possible. Highlight any details that set you apart from the competition. A complete listing will help Guests know what to expect from your space. If your missing sections your listing will be missing pieces of a puzzle. The fact is, most places really aren’t that unique and there are tons of other similar listings to pick from these days. Guests want to imagine what they’ll be doing in your space. Let guests imagine themselves in your space with phrases that will highlight experiences they can have: Stroll to the farmers’ market and make yourself a gourmet meal in the fully equipped kitchen or cruise the San Diego coastline with two complimentary beach cruisers.

2. Cultivate Great Reviews. Go above and beyond to create a unique experience for each guest. It can be as simple of a gesture as leaving a bottle of wine, a dark chocolate bar, or breakfast items. Give them a little taste of local life with a  chalkboard with a few ideas for interesting things to do like a farmer’s market or a local wine tasting. When a guest feels like you’ve gone the extra mile they will definitely give praise in the reviews. Think of it as a minor investment $10 for a bottle of wine for a $200 stay is not breaking the bank.

3. Get Verified. Provide as many verifications as you can. There are 7 verifications you can give to guests. This is part of your Personal Profile and it can have a great impact on your bookings because many guests will decide their stay upon that information.

4. Complete your Personal Profile. Make sure to have a friendly picture and write an interesting description of yourself. People want to feel like they are staying somewhere safe with a responsible host. Being able to read a few lines about the host will set them at ease.

5. Have a Competitive Price and Always Start Low: At the beginning, you can offer a discount or underprice your listing until you get the first bookings and start getting reviews. Then, start offering a fair yet competitive price. Check what other Airbnb’s in your area charge and beat their prices. Also, use the extra charge per person option, you could have a lower rate for one person then an increased amount for added guests.

6. Get Added to Wishlists and Get Recommendations. If you’re starting out with no reviews you can actually ask your friends to write them. Just connect your Facebook account, and check which ones of your friends have Airbnb accounts, and ask them to write a couple of nice things about you. They will fill in the spot until you get some solid reviews. If you want to get your listing wish listed from all over the world,  you can look for Facebook Wish listing groups.

7. Quality Photos are a Must. If you can’t hire a photographer, remember to use a good camera, clean the property, and make sure there is enough light. Make sure you describe your space well and that your title and description is attractive and detailed. Clearly explain what makes your space unique, including any extra amenities you offer, proximity to attractions, etc. When taking photos, consider adding some fine touches: Prepare a wine and cheese plate for your dining table, fold towels in the bathroom to make it Spa-like, create an immaculately made bed, and add a photo or two of your biggest local attraction!
8. Tick as Many Amenities as Possible.  Have at least the same amenities as a hotel and then a few more. If you want to get into the business category. Having a desk with good light, an Iron, and a hairdryer is worth it! A Keurig coffee maker just makes life easier for everyone  clean up between guests is so easy!)

9. Start with Lower Standards. To get your first bookings consider being less strict. This doesn’t mean you should events and pets on your property but have lower cleaning fees,  a flexible cancellation policy, and minimal house rules will help you get your first bookings.

10. Turn On Instant Book. Instant book option shows how flexible your listing is and therefore, matches more potential guests’ targeted searches. Instant Book listings will get booked more often and are therefore favored by Airbnb. Responding quickly to reservation requests in a friendly way will show guests that you are a welcoming host and they are more likely to book. Also, note that having Instant Booking turned on will attract last-minute reservations and improve your response time.

11. Reply As Soon as Possible. Hosts who reply within an hour have a high chance of getting their listings booked. Nothing is more frustrating to a guest than to contact a host about a stay and to get a response hours or days later. To be more responsive, you should definitely install the Airbnb app on your phone as it will allow you to reply to guest requests instantly from anywhere on the planet. You’ll get a pop-up like any text message and you can reply immediately. To make life easier you can create saved responses ready to use over and over within this app. Common responses like A booking welcome, directions, check-In instructions, and even a reminder to write a review.

12. Keep your Calendar Up-to-Date. Airbnb’s algorithm identifies hosts who often update their calendars as both active and responsive. And with Airbnb, hard work pays off: active and responsive hosts are rewarded with priority seating in the search rankings.

13. Be a Great Host and reach Superhosts Status! Airbnb works with ratings, the more Five star ratings you get, the higher you will appear in the search results. Great reviews will also attract more potential guests. A Superhost status places you higher in the Airbnb search engine. Guests have the option to search only Superhost listings. If you want to know how to become a Superhost fast read my book The Ultimate Superhost Guide

14. Invest in Modern furniture. Airbnb users are usually younger people looking for modern accommodation. It does not have to be expensive. You can make your property look like a boutique hotel on a budget by shopping at places like Ikea. Think about investing in furniture, as you will be renting your space over years. Once you have your new furniture, update the photos and highlight the new furniture in your home.

15. Take Care of the Yard.  Most guests will appreciate a carefully maintained yard on the property. Take some time to update the yard with new flowers, mow the lawn and consider investing in outdoor furniture too. Remember that the yard is one of the first things that people are noticing on any property. You don’t want a tangled yard of weeds to greet your guests.

16. Use Technology. You have probably noticed that there are new tech gadgets introduced on the market almost daily. The good thing is that most of them are inexpensive and you can definitely use them on your rental property. For instance, you can invest in automated thermostats, smoke alarms, video doorbells, and few other things. These things will make your home feel safe and look modern which will boost the interest in your Airbnb property.

17. Know When to be Present or Not. Many travelers love Airbnb because they like meeting the local hosts as much as exploring the surroundings. Then again, there are other guests who would rather have the level of privacy they get at a hotel. The trick is to know which guests want more attention. It’s usually easy to see from the first email communications who is looking for that special greeting and who would rather check-in independently. If a guest books a place for a few nights using the instant booking tool and you never receive an email from them, they probably don’t desire a lot of personal attention. But, however, if someone books a two-week stay and reaches out for advice on activities and dining, be sure to meet them and point them in the right direction.

18. Provide a Guest Welcome Book. A Guest Welcome Book is essential for setting the tone for an awesome stay with you. When guests know what to expect (and how to work the T.v ) they are more likely to relax in your place. You can mention any quirks your place may have, add in tips about local restaurants and attractions and let them know the check-out time and process. If a guest can’t turn on the T.v or can’t find the Wifi code they may become annoyed and it will show up in the reviews. Set out a clear and concise Welcome Book and your guests will be less likely to message you with the same questions.

I hope these tips get you thinking and help to increase your bookings! I am the author of the Ultimate Superhost Guide. a comprehensive 40 page Guide with everything you need to know to become a Superhost. It includes a Customizable Welcome Guest Book and 500+ Free Wall Art Printables Resource Guide! You can find it here!

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  • Lucienne
    January 19, 2019 at 11:51 AM

    Dear Andrea,
    Thank you for the tips, it is always so nice to see how other hosts are promoting their listings. I didn’t know about the Facebook groups, I am certainly going to find a few groups and share my listing there.

    • Andrea
      January 19, 2019 at 1:14 PM

      This really helps I find it when I put my booking into the wish list and group and 50 or so people 💗 the property, when I check the next day it’s higher up in the search


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