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How to Impress All 5 Senses of your Airbnb Guests

Life in the digital age is so visual that we often forget that our Airbnb guests have five senses, not just one. Ideally, when a prospective guest clicks your listing, their visual sense is impressed with attractive photos. However, when your guest arrives, their first impression requires catering to all five of their senses

Let’s learn how you can apply the “5 senses test” in your own Airbnb! You’ll have satisfied guests who will feel they have made the right choice the moment they walk in the door!

Impress Airbnb Guests

#1 Sight

Sight is always going to be the most important sense. There is already a pre-conceived idea of your space from the photos you have in your listing. Whether it’s a pristinely madeup bed or a cozy living room, help remind your guest why they chose your Airbnb in the first place.

Tip: Having a beautifully framed wifi sign like this one, will ease any frustration in searching for the wifi code and impress Airbnb guests.

impress Airbnb guests

#2 Smell

Here is your chance to overdeliver your guests’ expectations, by having an aromatic bouquet of flowers to welcome them. Subconsciously our sense of smell is the most powerful and memorable sense of the five senses. You can use clean natural aromatherapy scents such as peppermint, lemon, and lavender with a plug-in oil diffuser. Simply you place in the room the morning for an hour or two before they check-in (you don’t want it to be overpowering) The scent will be there ever so slightly lingering when they arrive.

The smell of fresh laundry will give an overall impression of freshly laundered and made-up beds. Use dryer sheets to infuse your linens and towels with freshness. Extra linens, which are stored for more than a week should have a dryer sheet or two in the linen closet.

impress Airbnb guests

#3 Sound

You want guests to feel at home instantly. Have a little ambient or classical music quietly playing when your guest arrives. You can make a playlist on your phone and sync it to your Airbnb’s Bluetooth speaker. Guests can simply turn it off when they want, but usually leave it on and enjoy the music while they unpack and settle in.

Tip: If you’re in a natural area, why not leave a window open and let in the calming sounds of the forest or water.

impress Airbnb guests

#4 Taste

When a guest arrives from a flight or long car ride, they probably are thirsty and hungry. Nothing can soothe travel irritations better than a snack. Have a bowl of fresh fruit on the counter and some cool drinks in the fridge.

You can impress Airbnb guests easily with a snack. I always leave a welcome basket on the table waiting for guests. You want a combination that has something for everyone. Ideally follow this model: Salty, sweet, crunchy, vegan and gluten-free. Think high-end quality over quantity & provide healthy options over empty calories.

#5 Touch

You’ll get plenty of extra points if you find a tactile way to impress your guest’s sense of touch. A soft, washable throw blanket draped on the couch or chair is a great way for a guest to feel welcome and pampered.

impress Airbnb guests

If you want to learn more about hosting, becoming a Superhost or taking your Airbnb to the next level check out my book ‘The Ultimate Superhost Guide’ It’s available here on Etsy. Learn everything to impress Airbnb guests easily!

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impress Airbnb guests
impress Airbnb guests

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