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How to Take your Airbnb to a 5 Star Level!

updated Dec 2020

Looking for ways to take your vacation rental to a 5 Star Level in 2019? Going the extra mile can make the difference between getting a 4.0-star review and a 5.0-star review. Communication is the key to achieving a 5-star review. Building a relationship with guests is the best way to ensure a positive guest experience and a long-lasting good impression after your guests check-out.

Here are a few simple, yet impressive ideas that will wow your guests!

Keep it Personal

Check your guest’s profile on Airbnb for reviews to gain a better understanding on what they are looking for and what impresses them. Fix problems as they arise and you can be confident of receiving great reviews. It’s usually a combination of lack of communication and a poor experience that result in a 2.0 or 3.0 review.

5.0 Star Communication Tips:

  1. Send a friendly hello with clear check-In instructions when guests confirm their booking and link your Airbnb check-in guide. Have a printed Guest Welcome Book when they arrive, recommending local restaurants, activities and attractions.
  2. Send a weather report 24–48 hours before guests arrival so they can pack appropriate items.
  3. Provide a welcome basket, welcome card or a small gift for your guests and place it somewhere highly visible. You don’t have to spend much with a welcome package that dips into your revenue, but a small token of appreciation will go a long way.
  4. Follow up a couple of hours after check-in to make sure everything is going smoothly and check if they need anything.
  5. For guests staying longer than a few days, check in again on a regular basis to help make sure everything is going well. If anything needs fixing you can fix away, rather than waiting until the end of their stay which may affect the rating you will get.
  6. The morning of check-out, send your guests a thank-you message and offer a later check-out if you are able.

Framed Printables

Adding a few framed printables to your Airbnb will instantly give it a more modern and polished look. Guests won’t need to message you or search inside your welcome book for the most important information. They also fill up empty wall space in a beautiful way. Think about adding signage to make your guests have the most comfortable stay!

Here are 4 Clean + Modern Printables– 100% Customizable with your own info!

‘Aventure Awaits’ is a ‘things to do in your city’ printable- Since you can customize it any way you like, imagine all of the unique activities you could suggest as a local- Very clever!

‘Check-Out Checklist’ lets guests know what they should do at checkout, making the process clear and easy to follow.

‘Be our Guest’ Wifi sign let’s guests connect easily to your Wifi network in seconds.

‘Bathroom Sign’ reminds guests to only flush toilet paper. Because sometimes it just has to be reminded.

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