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Are You Ready for Airbnb Guest Check-Ins at Night?

Airbnb Check-Ins at Night. As the saying goes, you never get a second chance to make a first impression. The same goes for the visual impact your Airbnb creates for guests. That first visual and the ease of check-in will stay in their minds.

Have you ever stayed at an Airbnb that was pitch dark on arrival? Last winter, we checked into an Airbnb that was located on a ranch in the mountains of Utah. It was a stormy night, and the google map pin was off and said “arrived” in front of a field of blinking sheep!

We drove back and forth along this country road until finally, I recognized the entry gate from the listing photos ( it was about 10 mins away from the google map pin)Once we entered the dark and winding driveway, there were 5 different cottages around the property and nothing was lit. The host never answered any of our messages. 

After that experience, as a host and a guest, I wanted to write this article to give you some simple tips for Airbnb Check-Ins at night. welcoming, well-lit, seamless check-in experience, that won’t feel like mission impossible! I hope this simple guide helps to light it up!

Be Your Own Guest.

As an Airbnb Ambassador, one thing I often notice is that many hosts, don’t always think about check-ins after dark, and what that will look like to guests. Therefore, the best way to see where you can improve is to head over to your Airbnb after dark and run through my 5-point checklist:

  1. Is your google map pin accurate & can you see the house numbers clearly from the road?
  2. Is the driveway lit? Is it clear where you should park?
  3. Once you are parked, is it obvious where the front door is?
  4. Is the pathway safely lit and can you easily pull your suitcase along?
  5. Is the front door light on and is the keypad visible and easy to use?

If any of these points are unclear, then check-in is going to be difficult for your guests.

Google Map Pin is Correct.

Airbnb check-Ins at night need to have the right Google pin. First off go to edit your Airbnb Listing and make sure the google map pin is correct. If it has your address, but the pin is off, then you need to contact google maps and set the pin right. You can do that here. 

Illuminate the Driveway.

Lighting up your driveway ( and garage) can be aesthetically appealing and improve safety and security. When placing your lights, allow enough space from the curb or the pavement edge so passing vehicles don’t damage the lights.

Driveways often lead up to a garage, so this endpoint should be well-lit using fixtures that fit the architectural design. You can place lights along your driveway and mount wall lights flush next to garage doors as an added security measure.

Airbnb check-Ins at nightMake House Numbers Visible.

If your house is close to the road make sure the numbers are large enough to be visible and well-lit for Airbnb check-Ins at night. If your house is set back then a solar-lighted sign on the road by your driveway for under $30. You can get higher-end metal signs with your address and Airbnb name laser cut here. Airbnb check-Ins at night just got easier!

Airbnb check-Ins at night

The Pathway is Well Lit.

Navigating a dark pathway is not easy for the first time with luggage. To make sure that your guests can check in safely, add a few lights to the pathway. There are many options and styles available, from solar to hardwired lights that will turn on at dusk. These lights should also be used to illuminate stairs which can be safety hazards.

We first tried the solar lights, which were easy to install, but, I did find that they lost their glow around midnight. We’ve since upgraded to some modern, hardwired lights and they have been amazing. we use these ones. Installation took a couple of hours, but it is really doable with two people which is great for Airbnb check-Ins at night, at any hour.

Airbnb check-Ins at night

Create a Welcoming Feeling.

You can easily create a magical feeling for Airbnb check-ins at night! Add solar lights to the garden and shine them onto parts of the house to give a bit of nighttime ambiance! If your home has large trees around the driveway, uplighting is a way to enhance its beauty. You can have fun experimenting with shadows and foliage. You can add uplights to any special features like fountains, pillars, or trees. 

Airbnb check-Ins at night

Light up the patio

Overhead outdoor lighting fixtures and lights on patios, decks, and porches allow guests to merge the outdoors with your home.  Even a simple string of lights will make an outdoor space more cozy and enjoyable. 

Have a Lighted Front Door.

When guests arrive at the door, they should ideally have some light and a keypad with a code that changes with every guest, August lock is a great option, with an app so you can generate a new code and which you just send to guests with the check-in instructions in Airbnb chat. No need for guests to download an app. The Smart Keypad allows guests to get in with their own unique code. You can still use your regular house key when needed. 

Tip: A Ring Door Bell is a great way for you to see in real-time when guests are checking in and checking out. It also adds a layer of security for you as a host:  prevent parties, deter burglaries and see extra guests and pets being brought in. 

Airbnb check-Ins at night

Lighting is Key.

For Airbnb check-ins at night keep safety and security in mind and keep all your entrance points visible at night. You may not be able to change the structure and design of your actual house, but using these lighting tips can dramatically change the look of your home!

Do you want all of my tips for creating an amazing Airbnb space that guests are excited to book? Click here for my Airbnb Mega Bundle for hosts with over 240+ templates!

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