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Minut | The Best Smart Home Monitoring for your Airbnb

As hosts, we welcome guests into our homes with the hope that everything will run smoothly. In saying that, extra guests can arrive, parties can begin and cause major problems or the AC can be left on all day. 

Is there a way to monitor your short term rental, without monitoring the guests within it? Yes! Minut Smart Home Sensor allows you to monitor noise levels and control multiple aspects of your vacation rental, no matter where you are!

Smart Home Monitoring for your Airbnb

Installing a Minut Smart Home Sensor is one of the best ways to protect your short term rental. Your guests’ privacy is protected and the sensor can detect all sorts of things and send that information back to your smartphone:

  • Noise monitoring 
  • Motion detection
  • Alam sound recognition
  • Home security alarm
  • Tamper detection 
  • Temperature and humidity
  • Mold risk analysis

The system won’t collect, store, or share any personal data. So you and your guests can relax in total privacy. You can virtually stop problems before they even happen! To protect our Airbnb we have installed a Minut and I wanted to share how much we are loving it!

How Minut Works 

I found that Minut is very user friendly and love that everything is controlled through both a web & mobile App! There is no hard wiring required and it’s as small as a hockey puck, you simply peel and stick it to the ceiling.

It’s very reasonable to buy and if you want to monitor multiple properties and gain access to lots of cool features, there’s a small monthly fee. 

Noise monitoring

Minut monitors the noise levels in your Airbnb, without recording any sound. Whenever the noise levels go above the pre-set threshold for a customized duration of time you will receive an instant notification.

I tested this by turning up the music and instantly received a notification-The perfect party detector! 

Motion Detector

We have our Minut in the entryway of our Airbnb. When a guest walks under the sensor, we get a message. This has been great to know exactly when a guest has arrived and checked out! If multiple guests suddenly start arriving, you’ll be able to tell.

Alarm Sound Recognition

Minut makes your other alarms smart by recognizing their sounds. If your smoke or CO detector sounds, Minut will recognize this and send you an instant notification. I tested this, when i accidently burnt some toast and the smoke alarm went off! This gives me peace of mind, especially if guests are out and an alarm goes off.

Home Security Alarm

When your Airbnb is empty, you can tap the app and set a security alarm on or tap to turn it off. There’s a built-in security alarm that will trigger if motion is detected when the alarm is turned on. A 95dB siren will sound and the sensor will flash, to scare off any intruder. It works and you can easily disarm it from the app. I love this feature for when we are out of town and the Airbnb isn’t booked, I can set it from the app and it’s done.

Tamper Detection

If someone tries to remove the Minut from its mounting plate, you will be instantly notified with a message. This way you know your Minut is safely in place and it hasn’t been moved or turned off.

Guest Connect

Prevent property damage and quickly resolve noise complaints, with automated guest communication. If the noise level exceeds the threshold for a specified duration (5-15min), Minut will start to flash and sound and can even send a text message to you or guests.

In the majority of cases simply reminding your guests they are being loud will solve the issue before it gets out of hand. 

Temperature & Humidity

Monitor the temperature and humidity levels in your home to ensure a safe and comfortable environment. You can also get alerts to situations such as the AC or heating being left on all day, or the heating system breaking. For hosts, this is so valuable as you can remind guests to turn off the AC when they leave the apartment. 

Mold Risk Analysis

Minut can analyze the risk of mold growth. If this happens you will be alerted in the app and offered suggestions as to how to reduce this risk. I find this feature is so valuable, especially in high humidity climates.


If enabled, when someone walks under the unit at night, it will light the way. In the app you can choose which hours of the night you’d like the feature to be on for, or turn it off entirely. This is great if installed in a hallway, which gives guests a little light to find the bathroom.


The Minut Smart Home Sensor is great for hosts who want peace of mind and security, without having to install an intrusive camera. It is equipped with numerous sensors that detect motion, sound, and environmental conditions in your home and lets you set thresholds for each sensor that will trigger push alerts to your phone. Minut measures sound levels without recording or listening.

I highly recommend having a Minut in your Airbnb, just for the peace of mind it gives you as a host. It will not record or store information, it’s simply in place to prevent parties and to make our guests’ stay as comfortable as possible. 

Here is a discount code for 20% off a Minut Smart Home Sensor when you use the code MAMMAMODE at checkout here

For more information, check out or follow Minut on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter (@minuthq).

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