Modern Triangle Wreath

This beautiful triangle wreath has a fresh, modern and minimalist feel. You can decorate the triangle with any winter foliage, berries or flowers you like. I foraged mine from the garden and found the rest on a walk. Aromatic plants such as Rosemary and Cedar will welcome your guests with a wonderful wintery scent. To make the triangle, they will usually happily cut it for you with the angles at the Home depot or hardware store. Otherwise you can use a small hand saw. Start to celebrate the holidays with this DIY triangle wreath that is fun and easy to make!


  1. 3 pieces x 9 in long wood pieces cut at 30 degrees
  2. Wood glue
  3. Thin floral wire
  4. Tape, Painters tape works best
  5. DecoArt Dazzling Metallic acrylic paint in Champagne gold
  6. Foraged foliage and winter berries like holly


  1. Glue together your cut wood pieces to make the triangle. Wrap the corners tightly with painters tape and let dry overnight.

2. Lay out the triangle and paint the first coat gold.The DecoArt Paint is slightly opaque which lets the wood shine through. Paint 2 coats, letting each dry between coats.Gather your foliage and berries together and start to pick out the pieces you like the most.Play with different ideas until you get the look you want.When ready wrap the ends with silver wire 3 times to secure, leave about 5 inches of wire free to wrap around the triangle. You can always add in more foliage or trim as you like.

Wrap the extra wire around the triangle to secure the foliage to the triangle.

Cut a few more pieces of wire and use to secure the foliage where needed.Wrapping the wire a few times around the foliage and triangle.

To hang the wreath use a long piece of your wire. Wrap several times around the top of the triangle , then fold in half , leave a loop at the top and twist the rest down.

Hang on your door or wall and welcome compliments from friends.

Thank you to share this! I’d love to see your finished wreaths you can post to my Mamma Mode Facebook page or email them to me!


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  • Fiona
    December 15, 2017 at 12:11 AM

    Love the rustic/modern look!


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