Pom Pom Hack of Ikea Myreden Frame

Ever since I found the Clover Pom Pom maker. I’ve fallen in love with making Pom Poms! The DIY possibilities are endless! I picked up this great Myreden frame at Ikea for 14.99. This is amazing by the front door to stash your keys and any important notes or mail that need attention. At first I thought it was a little bare and then I saw how cute it would be with the simple addition of Pom Poms to the golden clips! Now it’s a statement piece on its own. I found it so relaxing to make Pom Pom’s while watching a movie, you can put the pom pom maker down and come back later and nothing comes apart. It’s very user-friendly as you wrap the yarn around without much attention. In this tutorial I’ll teach you exactly how to get those *POW POW* Pom Poms you crave.


Before (meh) and After (Pow!)

How to Make the Pom Poms

If you have ready-made Pom Poms just put them onto the clips and stick onto the frame. If your making them yourself ( which is really fun…) Start by choosing 4 colors of wool. You can use the same color twice if you separate it by at least one color. If you’re using a multi colored or ombre ball of wool it helps to unwind it, cut and group the different shades together.


Step 1: Take the first color of wool and wrap it around your index and middle fingers about 15-40 times and then cut. Do this twice for each color. The Pom Pom maker has a top and a bottom arch. Below you can see that I’ve grouped the same amount of wool for both sides. You can simply wrap the wool around two fingers 20-40 times depending on what you want and then cut, then they are ready to wrap around the arches and you’ll always have them color balanced. I made 6 with the green Pom Pom maker and 6 with the yellow.


To start open the pom pom maker and wrap tightly the first color on both sides.


Continue with the second color, starting at the middle and making sure to cover the first layer of yarn.


Add the third color in the same way. You can see it’s starting to fill over the edges.


Now add you final color and its going to be full! That’s what you want, it will make a very fluffy pom pom. Don’t worry about the bits of yarn spilling over, once it its closed you won’t see that.


Now close the pom pom maker.


Take a very sharp pair of sewing scissors and cut the top and bottom.


Take a piece of yarn and tie to the center of the pom pom maker very tightly, then turn the yarn around to the other side and tie a tight knot.


Now open the pom pom maker and the pom pom will pop out. It will look shaggy and that may be the look you want, just a little trimming is needed in that case. The art of the very compact pom pom is in the trimming down so have a look at the image below.

Pre-trimmed and trimmed.


To trim you simply cut, cut , cut on an angle all around until you have your desired pom pom look. Since this process makes a lot of yarn dust, its best to do this with a cardboard box over your lap then empty it out when all the balls are trimmed. I usually make all the pom poms first then do all the trimming later. I usually cut for about 5 minutes each pom pom, shaking and fluffing it up in my hand, then cutting some more.


One you have all your Pom Pom’s made, just clip and stick to the frame! Thanks to share this tutorial on Pinterest!

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