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Prevent Smoking Damage in Your Airbnb with this Genius Idea

Want to prevent smoking damage in your Airbnb? With home-security tech creating such a buzz over recent years, which is the best option for hosts to use? Learn about the first device that protects your property from smoking and unwanted noise, that is about to hit the market.

We all hope that our guests will behave, not throw parties or create noise complaints but what about smoking? Smoking is one of the hardest things to prove when seeking insurance coverage for damages. If you’ve ever had a guest smoke in your Airbnb, that smoke smell lingers for days, there is no way it can be removed within a short turnover period.

This is where Sentry comes in. Sentry can reliably detect cigarette and marijuana smoke, vape usage, and excessive noise in short-term rental properties, providing property owners peace of mind. Let’s learn how you can prevent smoking damage in your Airbnb.

Prevent smoking damage in your Airbnb

Unwanted Smoke Detection

Sentry gives hosts something a little different from your average home security system. They have developed an AirID technology that identifies cigarette, marijuana, and vape smoke with 99% accuracy. ( It can also differentiate from candle smoke or cooking smoke)

Evidence-Based Incident Reports

Only with Sentry can you create evidence-based incident reports for damage reimbursement. This system reduces claims and conflict settlement time.

Live alerts prevent costly damages (stop guests right in their smoking tracks) If they decide to ignore the alert and continue smoking indoors, you can easily enforce smoking fines using the graphical data from Sentry.

Prevent smoking damage in your Airbnb

Can Guests Tamper With Sentry?

The Secure design of Sentry helps prevent guests from tampering. Push alerts immediately notify you of an attempted device disconnection. there is also a backup battery that keeps Sentry online even when disconnected. You can only prevent smoking damage in your Airbnb if the guests can’t move or tamper with the device.

An Unimposing Design

The Sentry smart home sensor is tiny. It looks similar to a smoke alarm. With this in mind, it won’t take up much real estate, as a result, doesn’t impose on the overall aesthetic of your Airbnb. You can either mount it on the wall or place it on a console or side table.

Prevent smoking damage in your Airbnb

Prevent Parties and Noise Complaints

With Sentry, you can monitor unwanted disturbances using SiSonic™ MEMS technology. This means you can stop parties and neighbor complaints before they happen. With an App, you will receive alerts for sustained noise while respecting the privacy of your guests (There are no recording devices, just sound decimal measurements.)

You can also add to your listing details, that a smoke monitor is in place to protect the air quality. This will prevent unruly guests from booking while reassuring guests that they are staying in a verifiably smoke-free property.


A single unwanted incident can cause an average of $4,100 in damages, in addition to costs and complaints associated with delays in accommodating future guests, it can result in the hosts’ reviews and ratings being negatively impacted.

Prevent smoking damage in your Airbnb. Sentry is now available in a limited time window for pre-order, which features complimentary hardware and a discounted subscription rate.

Prevent smoking damage in your Airbnb




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